Jill meets with Cane and says she would rather talk about his custody hearing than her own problems. He tells her the hearing is scheduled for that afternoon. He says he is confident that he can convince the judge that he is the best man to raise this little girl. Jill tells him he hopes things go his way.

Mac and Katherine sit together quietly out on the patio. Katherine is regretting her meeting with Jill. She says you try to be logical with someone and it’s like they are listening to some program on some other channel, one from 6 years ago. When she wonders what channel Master Williams is stuck on Mac flashes back to Billy kissing her and then how she ran out the bookstore. Meanwhile Billy wakes with Delia crying but its apparent Billy has Mac on his mind.

Neil and Karen talk to Anna about them adopting her. She thinks Tyra should be there. Neil thinks back to him and Tyra meeting with Rafe. Devon comes in to pick up Anna and says they are going to the coffee shop but his cell phone will be on after Neil asks him to. Anna hugs Karen wishing her good luck as they leave. When they are gone Karen suggests to Neil that the three of them go out for Chinese food, Anna’s favorite, to celebrate becoming an official family. Neil tells her to wait until the hearing is over before they start celebrating. Victoria comes in and calls Neil into the conference room. He says yes they’re driving to court today. Victoria notices that Karen is not as excited as she thought she would be.

Neil tells Victor the hearing is in a half hour so he is a bit distracted. Victor tells him he should take the day off to celebrate afterwards but Neil doesn’t want to. He admits to Victor that things got a bit complicated and now no matter what the courts decide someone is going to get hurt. Victor asks who is going to get hurt.

Tyra tells Lily she understands if Lily doesn’t want to speak to her. Lily tells her that might be for the best. She says she and Neil made a big mistake. Lily asks if she means when she slept with her father or when they went behind Karen’s back to hire a lawyer. Tyra tells her that Neil is the only one that understands how she aches for her daughter. She says Anna doesn’t know she is planning to contest the adoption. Later Lily scolds Devon for not telling her about her Dad and Tyra. He says he wanted to but he didn’t know how and the two of them agree that they can’t believe Neil actually cheated on Karen. Devon says he knows, it’s messed up.

Tyra tells Anna that no matter what the outcome of today is she will have a great family. She says if Neil and Karen get to adopt her they will still get to see each other as they hug. Devon watches them hugging and thinks, Neil and Karen might be good parents but this is the way it should be.

Karen talks to Victoria about being nervous about raising a teenager. Victoria tells her that Neil will get her through it. She assures Karen she doesn’t mean to pry but she has to ask why isn’t think a perfect day for her. Karen just says because expectations can get carried away with you sometimes. .

Neil is with Victor and he tells Victor that both Karen and Tyra love Anna so one of the two will walk out of that courtroom with a broken heart. He says he isn’t proud of his decisions lately saying he has been selfish and he has judged people harshly but looking back at some of his choices. Victor says he bets it seems that his choices seemed inevitable.

Mac receives an envelope from the assistant director of the homeless shelter. Katherine tells her that all the grant applications in the world won’t help her get Billy off her mind. She tells Mac that Chloe is her Goddaughter and she is fond of Chloe but that young lady always did have an agenda.

Cane tells Jill that she will be a loss to Jabot and to Chancellor Industries. Jill is confident that Katherine will realize what she threw away once she has moved on to bigger and better things. She tells Cane she does have a plan and will fill him in when it is a done deal.

Katherine tells Mac about the day they learned Chloe was Esther’s daughter Kate. She says Chloe makes some bad choices. Mac thinks it is good that Delia has parents that love her though which is more than she can say for a lot of the children she works with overseas. Katherine agrees that they both love that baby and Billy did the right thing by going after custody. She says but the best thing a man can do for his child is to love its mother.

Once Billy has fed Delia, Chloe asks him how come he didn’t tell her about Mac staying in town, saying he just found out yesterday when he ran into her at the bookstore. She asked how come he didn’t tell her about it. He tells her she was a sleep and the books will be ready today, Chloe cries to Billy asking him what if Cane actually has a shot of getting custody. She asks what they will do if they lose their little girl.

JT tells Victor that Colleen doesn’t trust anything he tells her. He asks how he can dig up dirt on someone that has never done anything wrong in her life. Victor tells him to dig deeper. There has to be something they can use. JT asks him if Victoria knows he is doing this. Victor orders JT not to tell Victoria anything reminding him that his job is to keep secrets. Victoria comes in and JT leaves. Victor gives Victoria the green light on the fragrance. She is thrilled but asks doesn’t he need the board’s approval on it first. He tells her he is sure they will agree especially since they know she will be running it. WOW she says, but then she asks what about Neil. Victor tells her Neil is preoccupied right now and doesn’t need the distraction.

The hearing for Anna’s adoption is getting ready to start so everyone involved enters the court room. When the judge asks if the other petitioner is present Karen is upset and she looks over at Neil when she sees Tyra and a lawyer walk in. She asks if he knew about this and wonders if he is responsible for it. The judge says she has read the reports and the recommendations and asks Rafe if there is anything he’d like to add. Rafe talks about how great Neil is and how he and Neil’s late wife did with Devon. He tells the judge that Anna is thriving while in the care of Neil and Karen. They both agree that they want to raise Anna as their own. Tyra starts to panic when the judge is in favor of that.

Cane goes to see Katherine in the office and she makes it clear to him that Mitchell Sherman that did it on his own to fire Jill but she asks that he doesn’t tell Jill yet, not until she calms down. She says things are too tense right now and they need some distance between them.

Jill finds Mac working at the coffee shop. She tells her she thought she was leaving town. Mac tells her well hello to her too saying she isn’t there for Billy though. Jill tells her that Billy is completely off limits to her and Mac comes back with telling Jill that she isn’t the one with the history of going after the married men. Jill doesn’t say anything, she just walks out.

Chloe looks for just the right outfit for Delia to wear to impress the judge. She asks which one will say ‘don’t take me away from my Mommy and Daddy. Billy tries to calm her down by telling her it will all be OK. Suddenly Chloe tells Billy to dress the baby because she has to go somewhere and she runs out the door.

Tyra talks to the judge telling him she has cared for Anna since she was only 15 years old. Her lawyer talks about the lousy job Yolanda did with Anna and how Tyra sacrificed to become mother and father to Anna. He says she supported Anna emotionally and financially making sure that her studies came first. She even encouraged her to sing. He says Anna calls her mother and their bond is unmistakable so she is within her rights to adopt Anna as well. Karen jumps up to talk even though Rafe and Neil both try to stop her. Karen tells the judge how Anna tried to run off with Anna. Anna defends herself stating that is her daughter. When Neil tries to come between them Karen snaps at him asking whose side is he on anyway. Tyra shouts that he is on Anna’s side obviously. Karen tells her that is more than she can say about her. The judge says he can see that they are all passionate about Anna’s future so he would like to talk to Anna himself. Neil calls Devon and asks that he bring Anna over. The court stands in recess until they arrive.

Lily and Devon have Anna at the bookstore with them when Lily runs into Billy with Delia. He asks if they can talk a minute. He says he is sorry for the way things ended between the, saying they didn’t even have a chance to break up. He thanks Lily saying he is a better person for caring about her and he hopes they can be friends one day. She admits they did have some good times together. Billy asks her for a favor. He says he knows Cane thinks he is doing the right thing but can Lily try again to convince him that it isn’t. She says but he thinks it is the right thing to do for Delia. She says she has to go when Devon tells her Neil called. Billy looks at Delia and says there has to be a way to stop all this craziness.

Chloe is sitting in church as she looks up and says she knows she probably isn’t God’s favorite person and she admits she has done some bad things but she really loves this bundle of joy and she asks God not to punish her. She says Delia needs her and she really need her too as her eyes tear up.

Victoria talks about her new project that she is so excited about to JT. She says it will make Newman Enterprises cosmetic line double in size. IF the board goes along with it, which Victoria says her Dad is sure they will. She says Colleen is a wild card and she is hoping that she and her Dad don’t go all High Noon on her and ruin her presentation. JT keeps quiet like Victor told him to.

Jill goes to see Victor at Newman. She tells Victor since Katherine has fired her with or without just cause this is a tremendous opportunity for Victor. He says that doesn’t sound like the Katherine he knows. She says she is a fabulous businesswoman and they could do great things together. Victor laughs saying they could. Couldn’t they but he tells her the answer is NO. He says he already has an excellent team.

Katherine tells Cane she will have his boxes taken to Jill’s old office. She says heaven’s no, she isn’t firing him she is kicking him upstairs so to speak. She tells him that it is time the Abbott children start running their father’s company and it is time he comes to work in his father’s company, Chancellor Industries.

The judge has Anna on the stand but he won’t ask her who she would rather live with. He does however tell her that Tyra also wants to adopt her. Anna is surprised to hear that. But she goes on talking about how great it is living with the Winter’s. The judge asks about how it was living with Ms Hamilton. She asks if he means Mom. She talks about Tyra managing the hotel in Seattle and she says she and Tyra moved around a lot but she always felt safe with Tyra. She says she loves them all but Tyra is her Mom. The judge dismisses her and she goes to Tyra and hugs her. Then they ask her to wait in the hall while the judge goes to make his decision. The judge tells everyone they will take a short recess while she makes her decision. Karen stands next to Neil and she looks really worried.

Cane is really surprised when Katherine wants to make him CEO of Chancellor Industries. He says he appreciates the offer and she will always be family to him but he isn’t sure Chancellor Industries is the right place for him anymore. He says he has to turn her down and he will save her the troubles of firing him from Jabot, she can tell the Abbott’s he quits.

When Victor refuses to hire Jill she gets mad and threatens to tell Ashley that he was the one controlling the 5% shares of Jabot. She says imagine what she would think if she knew the truth. He tells her to go ahead and do that and then she suggests she take up needlepoint because she is going to have a lot of free time. He thanks her for coming then dismisses her.

Chloe sees Mac at the coffee shop and tells her FYI there is no hope for her and Billy. She says they are married in every sense of the word. She tells Mac not to delude herself. She should just mosey along because her husband isn’t interested in going backwards. Billy walks up from behind Chloe carrying Delia and he asks her what the hell she is doing.

Anna asks Devon if she was wrong for hugging her Mom. She is worried about making Karen or Neil mad at her. Devon tells her that it is never wrong to say what is in your heart.

Karen snaps at Neil asking him if he hired that woman an attorney. He tells her it was the right thing to do. She asks for whom? For Tyra? Karen is not happy. The judge comes back in and states that it is clear that Ann is deeply loved and that the three of them should come together to surround that little girl with love. He says a child needs stability though so he grants Neil and Karen the right to legally adopt Anna. He says Neil has lived and worked at the same place for years and they can offer financial stability and they are in a stable and loving marriage. He says he isn’t saying that a single parent couldn’t provide a healthy and loving environment though. He just thinks Anna should be placed with two parents. Neil stops the judge saying to wait, he has something to say.

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