Michael and Lauren meet Kevin at Crimson Lights to meet Gloria. When she walks in they notice that Gloria looks plainly dressed. Not all made up like usual. She says she wants to prove something to them and then maybe they will let her move back in with them. Michael apologizes to her. He says things at home are sane now and they don’t want to give that up. Kevin tells her she can’t live with him and Jana either. Michael tells her that she can buy her own place. Michael and Lauren leave.

Jana goes to Gloria and says she is so sorry. Gloria says she guesses her grandmother was right, no good deed goes unpunished. Kevin walks back to the table and asks Gloria if she is mad at him now. She says no but she doesn’t think it is a crime to not want to live alone. He says it isn’t but last he looked she did have a husband. She corrects him by saying yeah but in name only. She says after he attempted to do the horizontal thing with his girlfriend on her sofa she gave up on him.

Jack goes home and calls out for his Dad but doesn’t see him anywhere. Sharon comes downstairs and tells him that she finally got upstairs de-Gloriafied. She says she told Noah if he doesn’t keep his room straight she was going to buy that portrait of Gloria and hang it in his room. Jack seems down. He tells Sharon he has always felt his Dad’s presence in the house but now he feels like he has finally gone. Sharon hopes setting out pictures of John will help Jack feel his father in the house again but he knows he is gone.

Michael goes to the Club to pick up and order and he sees Gloria. She tells him she has a favor to ask of him. He tells her to request away. She tells him she wants him to drop the lawsuit he has against Jack. Michael is surprised. She tells him if he does this it will come back and haunt him. She says she was wrong to fight Jack for that house and she sees that now. She begs him to drop it. She tells him she is learning and then she walks away. Jack is in the club too and he over hears Gloria asking Michael to drop the lawsuit but he is confused and doesn’t understand why.

Cane and Jill talk about Lily being pregnant. He tells her he is ready to take on his responsibility for the baby. He tells her that he told Lily he would stand by her no matter what she decides to do. When Cane leaves Jill calls Katherine and asks her to meet her for coffee. When she gets there she tells her that Lily is pregnant.

Neil tells Lily she needs to move back in with him and he can help her with the baby and her school work. She tells him she doesn’t know why but she can feel her mother’s spirit with her and she knows she is there guiding her to help her do the right thing. Neil tells her that Dru was never afraid of anything. Lily says she can’t stay because she needs to talk to Cane. Neil tries to get her to stay and talk to him but she says no, she has to go and then she leaves.

Lily goes to see Cane and she tells him she has made a decision. He tells her what ever she decides to do he will stand by her. She looks at him and tells him she has decided to keep the baby. He tells her that this is the greatest gift she could ever give him. Later Lily goes to see Colleen and happens to see Devon too. She tells them she has decided to keep the baby. Devon thinks it is great but Colleen has nothing but negative things to say about her decision. Lily gets upset because everyone is telling her what they want but then they say it is all up to her. She gets frustrated and leaves.

Cane goes to see Neil. He apologizes for stopping in without calling first but he says he thought that they needed to talk. Neil says he wanted him to know he is with Lily 100% on her decision. Neil asks him if he is ready to be a father. He says if he had asked him a month ago he would have said no but now he wants the baby. Neil tells him he wants Lily and the baby to move back in with him. Cane asks if that is what Lily said she wants. Neil says no. Cane says with all do respect his grandmother would want Lily and the baby to live there with them. Neil reminds him that he and Lily are not married.

Cane sees Katherine later at Jabot and she lets him know that his Mother told him the news about Lily being pregnant. She tells him not to be upset with his mother because she only told her because she loves him. Katherine asks him if he is in love with Lily, and he says yes. He tells her that the problem is that Neil wants Lily to move back in with him and let him raise the baby but he says with no disrespect to Neil that baby is not his.

Madam Chauvin calls Lily and asks her to come see her at the dance studio. She says sure she will be right there. When she gets there she finds a rose on the piano and Madam Chauvin is no where to be seen. Suddenly Cane walks in and Lily asks him what he is doing there. He tells her that she told him this is where she made her decision about keeping the baby so he thought this was a fit place to do this. He takes out a ring and looks at her asking her if she will marry him. He asks her if she is going to say something. She says she doesn’t know what to say. He tells her that it is his grandmother’s ring and she could say yes. She doesn’t want him to ask her to marry him because he has to. She wants it to be when he wants to. She says she loves him with all her heart but she needs time. She tells him he is her prince and then she kisses him. She apologizes and then leaves.

Alistair goes to see Jill and tells her that Jeffery still has a hold on Gloria. Jill tells him it is his job to find out what that is. She isn’t happy with his expense account so she tells him that if he can’t find out what she wants then he can start paying his own way. He goes to the Club and runs into Gloria. He asks her to join him for dinner. She is about to turn him down when Jeffery walks in. She tells Alistair she would love to. Jeffery asks if he can have a minute with her but Alistair wants him to go away. She says she can give him 30 seconds and then asks Alistair to find them a table. Jeffery tries to convince her again to believe him but she doesn’t. He starts to threaten her with going to prison but she stops him by saying she would rather go to prison than be with him and then she walks away.

Jan Barrett

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