Katherine tells Mac that she is there looking for Jill. She tells her that Jill is convinced that she has never accepted her as a daughter and she has to find a way somehow to get through to her. Meanwhile when Jill goes to Jabot she finds her things have been packed into a box. She asks who ordered this and then says never mind she already knows.

Lily bumps into Karen while at the book store and asks how things are going. Karen, assuming she knows everything, tells Lily she doesn’t have to pretend she doesn’t know because she is sure Devon has already told her about Tyra and Neil. Lily says actually Devon hasn’t told her anything and asks if something is going on. She is shocked when she figures it out and she says that her Dad would never do that. Karen tells her that he admitted it to her. Neil cheated on her.

Billy gets lost as he looks out the window and thinks about Mac telling him that she was leaving town. Chloe comes in holding up some outfits asking which one says ‘Mother of the Year’. Chloe can see who he had been thinking about so she asks if he still loves her. She snaps at him saying she wasn’t asking about Delia she was asking about Mac. He says she hopes not because if he is still hoping for a fairy tale ending then they are both going to get screwed.

Michael shows Cane the paperwork he put together for the custody case. As he flips through the files he approves of what Michael has done. He says Chloe and Billy may play the happily married card but he is far more responsible than Billy. He asks Michael if his case is stronger. Michael thinks so but he wonders if he really wants to go after his brother like this. Michael points out that he would give anything in the world to have his brother there sitting next to him. There is a flash of Kevin sitting in his padded cell just staring into space.

Lily says of all people, she just can’t believe her own father would do this. She assumes now that the adoption will be put on hold. Karen says no, asking why would she say that. She is sure they will work this out. She is appalled at the idea of Tyra getting custody. She asks why she should be rewarded that sort of despicable behavior. Lily still thinks a child should be with its mother though. Karen insists that after the adoption she will be Anna’s mother.

After Rafe has been told about what happened between Neil and Tyra, he offers to get the hearing postponed since Karen prefers to move forward and pretend nothing has happened. Rafe asks if Neil wants to go into court with his fingers crossed standing next to his wife and secretly hope that Tyra will win just so he doesn’t look like the bad guy here. Neil thinks Rafe’s accusation is a bit harsh but Rafe tells him he is paid to call it as he sees it. He tells Neil what he is suggesting is illegal and a conflict of interest. Tyra admits she doesn’t expect Rafe to represent her but would appreciate a referral. Rafe thinks Neil and Karen will win especially if they don’t mention their problems in their marriage. Neil says he guesses he will go through with the adoption and find a way to make his marriage work. Rafe says in his experience a couple that only stay together to raise a child usually lives to regret it.

Billy promises Chloe he won’t bail out on her at the hearing. He says he won’t be running off with nature girl to feed the poor.  He agrees that yes he was crazy about Mac once and he couldn’t wait to marry her. He admits seeing her again did bring up old feelings but she is gone and he is where he belongs, with his family now.

Mac tells Katherine maybe she should offer to help at the café while Kevin is out so Jana can focus on getting him well. Katherine tells her she is truly her father’s daughter. Katherine asks if her decision to stay in Genoa City has anything to do with Billy. Mac skillfully avoids the question when she sees Jill. She motions to Katherine to go face her demons.

Michael is excited to see Mac as he hugs her with a welcome home hug. He says Kevin will be thrilled she is back. When she wants to see Kevin Michael tells her that he is all doped up so it wouldn’t be a good idea for her to go. She tells Michael that she has seen Kevin go through hell before so maybe she can help. She asks to at least let her try.

Neil gives Tyra a name of a lawyer that Rafe called to give her. She asks if he hates her and he says of course he doesn’t and she hasn’t ruined his life. He kisses her hand and then tells her that she made him take a good look at his life. Lily walks in and just stares at them. Tyra says see what she means. Neil says he will talk to Lily so she shouldn’t worry. When he talks to Lily she tells him that Karen told her and that she thinks they are going to get passed this. She tells her father it doesn’t look that way to her though but it is none of her business. He agrees that it isn’t any of her business but he denies that he is having an affair. He claims they got together one time and it was a mistake and it made him realize it might be a bigger mistake for him and Karen to adopt a child.

Chloe and Billy are talking about how they will celebrate once they win the custody, when Rafe comes over suggesting they bring Delia to court with them. Billy asks should they be worried. Rafe can’t promise that Cane won’t win saying no one can.

Jill tells Cane on the phone about her getting fired accusing Katherine of doing it. Katherine walks over to her saying they need to talk. Jill says she got her message loud and clear and she knows now that she has tossed her out on her ear. Katherine doesn’t know what she is talking about and asks what happened. Jill tells her she was fired with no cause and no notice. Katherine says she never gave that order and it must be some sort of dreadful mistake. She insists that she still loves Jill. When Jill doesn’t believe her Katherine tells her she knows she is hurt and upset. Jill says she is seeing things the way they really are for the first time. She tells Katherine that she didn’t come to make peace, she came to watch her fall and the harder the better.

Michael brings Mac in to see Kevin. He shows her through the window. She talks to him telling him its Mac and she says she’s been gone and she sure has missed him. She asks if he can hear her but Kevin looks confused and he edges away from her while Michael looks through the window.

Jill accuses Katherine of pretending to be sorry that she loves her. She tells Katherine to admit that she is glad she isn’t her daughter. She says she should be turning cartwheels. She says she doesn’t love her and she never has so for once in her miserable life she should tell the truth. Katherine loses it and says fine, she is glad, she is joyous, ecstatic, and she is glad that this is not her daughter. Jill looks devastated as Katherine storms out.

Rafe sits Chloe and Billy down. He tells them that the biggest threat to their custody petition is the way the paternity was handled. He says it’s not a done deal. Cane stepped up without hesitation which will impress the judge. They say but they have done everything possible to make things right and  Billy says after all they are Delia’s biological parents. Rafe agrees that yes that does count for something. Suddenly Chloe thinks she needs to go buy some nursery rhyme books for Delia. Billy says Cane might have stepped up but so has he. He says he married her and made her an Abbott. He says his kid won’t end up being with his brother. He vows that no one is going to split them up. He tells Chloe he is going to go get the books but not because he is worried about losing her but if they are going to read all those books to her before she gets in high school they better get a move on.

Mac talks with Kevin all about how great his life is telling him he deserves it. When he hears her it is in the Chipmunks voice, then he thinks they are in the book store and he calls out her name, Mac! When he looks around the corner he sees her with a book and she is wearing the Chipmunk head. He hears her say he is never going to get rid of her which in his mind sounds sinister and not friendly but this time he doesn’t go ballistic, he just sits there. Michael is guessing that Kevin didn’t recognize Mac. Mac tells Michael that with the right time and treatment Kevin will get better and the worst thing he can do would be to give up hope. Michael tells her that she was the first real friend his brother ever had. He thanks her for coming and she promises to come back soon. Suddenly Kevin calls out her name… Mac!

Jill is staring out the window when Cane walks in. Wiping her tears she tells him she is sure it was Katherine that fired her. Cane isn’t as sure about that as he says Katherine cares about her. Jill tells him this is different. She says there is too much bad blood between them. She says they are back in that dark place. She tells him about Katherine admitting she was glad she wasn’t her daughter.

Katherine tells Murphy about her losing her temper with Jill and she said things she didn’t mean. Murphy tells Katherine Jill is lashing out at her because she is hurt and scared. Katherine says she is trying to destroy every good moment they shared as mother and daughter. She says she just doesn’t know what else to do.

Lily can’t tell Neil he is wrong for helping Tyra with a chance to adopt Anna herself because he is trying to do what’s best for one of his kids. But Karen will feel betrayed all over again. He says if he tells her what he has done this could all blow up and Anna could end up back in foster care. Lily tells him she hopes he is ready for this. She says he and Karen rushed into this marriage for Anna and they may be forced to stay together now without her.

Esther goes to see Chloe and she is happy to hear that Billy has been assuring her that everything will be ok and nothing is going to break up their family. She says she isn’t talking about the custody hearing though, she is talking about Mac’s decision to stay in Genoa City.

Billy is at the book store when he runs into Mac. He calls out her name and she turns around and smiles.

Karen goes to the club to meet with Neil saying he told her it was urgent. He feels they should talk before the hearing tomorrow. She thinks there is nothing to discuss they are going forward with the adoption. She tells him not to take this away from her. He tells her he knows how much this means to her. She asks then why does he look like he is on the verge of backing out. He says he doesn’t want to hurt her. She tells him then don’t. She says he should walk in that court tomorrow and convince the judge that he loves her. He says he does. She tells him she has had a long day so she is going home.

Cane invites Jill to join him for dinner but she says she has more files and stuff to pack. He doesn’t understand how Katherine can be so cruel. He says his love for Delia didn’t change when he found out she wasn’t his biologically.

Billy tells Mac she wasn’t supposed to be here. She asks why, is supposed to have a membership to get in. He says not at the bookstore he means he thought she was leaving. She says she changed her mind. He asks if her father gave her his phone number. She says yes but she didn’t see the point in calling him reminding him that he does have a wife. Billy blocks her from going out the door. He wants to know the real reason she didn’t leave.

Michael sits next to Kevin and tells him it was nice of Mac to visit him. He tells him lots of people love him. He tells Kevin he loves him. He says he knows he felt betrayed when they brought him there but so did he. He says they are all fighting for him saying they won’t lose him again and they will bring him back somehow. They will do whatever it takes. When he reaches out to touch Kevin, Kevin pulls away.

Katherine is worried about Kevin being in that hospital. She talks about how he believed in her so much when Jill never did. She says she is trying to destroy everything they had together as mother and daughter. She wonders how Jill could just cut her off like this. She wonders if Jill thinks she would really do that to her. Murphy wonders if they will ever get an answer to that. He tells her they need to just go home. Katherine just wants to sit alone for a while. Murphy smiles and takes her hand.

Jill packs a box of her things and then thinks back to a time with her and Katherine in that office when Katherine gave her the job. She has hoped Katherine would support her in whatever she wanted to do. Suddenly she snaps out of it and walks out with her box.

Lilt finds Cane at the club bar drinking club soda. He tells her he is waiting on his mother, to make sure she is ok. Lily is going to Anna’s adoption hearing and she knows his is going to be right after that one tomorrow. Cane says he doesn’t expect her to be there but she says she’d like to be. She says she loves him and she will be there for him. She asks for one request though. She asks him to be absolutely sure he is doing the right thing before going into the court room. He says he is sure.

Chloe worries as she wonders if Billy knows Mac didn’t leave. She thinks that maybe he isn’t at the book store. She is scared that everything is going to get ripped away from her. Esther stops her when she starts to call Billy but Chloe insists on making the call.

Meanwhile Billy ignores his phone when Mac tells him he should get that. He grabs her arm and tells her he needs to hear her say that she stayed in town for him. He insists that he needs to hear her say it. She tells him she has to go. He stops her giving her a passionate kiss.

Jan Barrett

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