David is back and Nikki is happy. David wants to know what he missed at the office. She tells him how they loaned Lily Winters to Forrester’s. David says he thought they had her under an exclusive contract. She says they do but Nick talked her into it and she agreed. Nikki tells him that she was so worried about him. She had already decided that he had been in some sort of accident and was hurt. He says not a chance. While they are at a table at the Club Brad walks up and sits with them. They talk business then David asks Brad about getting together later to go over some work. Brad tells him not tonight though because he has a poker game and then invites David to join them. David says no thanks and Nikki just looks at him.

Lily confesses to Cloe that she is pregnant. Cloe is surprised but then she tells Lily her modeling career is over now. Cane tries to comfort Lily but she pushes him away. She is so frustrated. She tells him she is sorry but she has got to figure this one out for herself. Lily goes to the dance studio where her mother use to dance. She whispers to her mother that she needs her right now. She walks around and thinks about Dru asking her to tell her what to do. She says she will listen if she will only tell her. Suddenly a voice calls out telling her that her mother hears her, she is sure she does. Lily is surprised to see Madame Chauvin, Dru’s old ballet teacher. Lily and she talk about Dru. She tells Lily she is sure that Dru can hear her words when she talks to her. Lily says if only she knew that for sure, she says if only there was some sign to let her know. Madam Chauvin tells her that normally she is not there at this time of day maybe that is her sign.

Victoria and Nick talk about Victor and Sabrina. Nick tells her not to worry that Sabrina will be sorry for this once she sees how controlling Victor can be. She doesn’t understand why Sabrina picked her father. She tells Nick there are some romantic Italians in Italy, why couldn’t Sabrina have fallen for one of them.

Nick goes back to Restless Style and he tells Phyllis about Sabrina and Victor. Phyllis isn’t surprised either. Nick tells her about his Dad buying the mortgage for the building from the bank too. He says no matter how much they try they can’t break away from him. Nick can’t get it off of his mind about his father buying out the mortgage without telling him about it first. Phyllis says come to think about it while he was in Los Angeles they did get a letter from the bank. He asks how come she didn’t tell him. She said she had no idea what it was for.

He says well it was his Father that bought the mortgage out and he isn’t going to let him get away with it. She asks him if he has a plan and he says not yet but he will come up with something. He goes to see Victor to let him know he heard about him buying out the mortgage on his building. Victor is surprised to see that Nick isn’t all upset. Nick tells him not anymore. He says he has decided he can’t keep Victor out of his life anymore but he can make himself just not care any more so that is what he is doing. With that he walks out.

Phyllis is on the phone with Summer’s Nanny when Adam walks in. When she gets off the phone and she asks if he is looking for someone. He asks if Jack is around and she says no, he and Sharon are staying home today. He asks if she is the only one there. He tells her that he can’t work with her because it would only give Nick a reason to accuse him of making a play for her.

Sabrina tells Victor that she talked to Victoria and she threw her out. Sabrina is surprised that Victor isn’t as upset about Victoria as she is. He tells her he was sure that his daughter would understand especially since she went through a divorce and now she has found happiness with JT. Victor authorizes Sabrina to place bids on a piece of art that costs him almost $2 million. They win the bid and he says now he has bought his first piece. When Sabrina walks out she runs into Adam. He lets her know that he did see her and Victor kissing before and he makes a remark about how amazing it his that suddenly her career is up and going.

Victoria finds Nikki at the Club and asks if she can have a word with her. Nikki asks what’s the matter. She wants to know if it is the baby. Victoria tells her no the baby is fine, it is her Dad. Nikki wants to know what he has done now. She tells him he is having an affair with her friend Sabrina. Nikki says she suspected there was more to this than art. Victoria says she not only blames her father, she blames Sabrina for this to. They wonder if this has happened because Sabrina is on the rebound from her past break up. Nikki says it could be that Victor is doing this to get over her. Victoria asks if she really thinks that could be it. Nikki says well stranger things have happened before. Nikki tells Victoria she is sure that this won’t last between her father and Sabrina.

Cane joins Jill for dinner at the Club. She tells him she thinks them taking Lily to a doctor to get checked is a good idea. She says they could find out why she is so tired. She asks Cane if there is something about Lily that she should know about. Cane tells her there is nothing to tell. While they eat Cane smiles as he looks at his mother. She asks him what is wrong. He asks her just how much does she know about Lily. She says she knows she has been tired a lot and that Cloe thinks she is sick and suffering with an eating disorder. She says if she is they can get her help. Cane tells Jill that Lily is not sick, she is pregnant. Jill just looks at him and smiles.

Karen tells Neil she can’t help him raise Lily’s baby. He asks her if this means that if he takes in the baby that they will break up. She says basically yes. Lily walks in and asks if she can talk to Neil. Karen says it is ok she was just leaving anyway. Lily tells Neil that she has been thinking about her Mom for a while now and she says 20 years ago her mother handled having a baby and held onto her job and a marriage. She looks at Neil and tells her that she has decided to keep the baby.

Jan Barrett

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