Sharon gets bailed out and once back at her room at the club she thanks Jack and the maid that cleaned the mess up. Jack says he doesn’t think she should stay there in this room but she says she will be fine besides she is too tired to think about that right now. She says she may have stolen things but she did not write ‘I hate you’ on her mirror.

Noah figures out that his Dad and Phyllis are having problems just like his mom and Jack are having. He assumes it is because of him. He says first his Mom and Jack and now them. He asks where his Dad is now. Phyllis tells him to relax, it is definitely not because of him. She calls out to him as he runs out of the house.

Nick gets up and makes him a cup of coffee when JT comes downstairs and tells him that according to a buddy of his on the police force Sharon was arrested for vandalism and grand theft and she made bail last night. Nick sets his coffee down and leaves right away.

Victor calls Colleen out to the ranch and ends up confusing her about Newman board business. She says that doesn’t mean she isn’t capable of holding this seat on the board. She says he doesn’t even know the difference between Romanesque and gothic architecture. When she finds out she is wrong she says she isn’t going anywhere. Victor tells her he just wants harmony on the board. She asks if he is serious and he tells her he is always serious when it comes to business.

Nikki shows Lily the cover of the new Restless Style magazine. She says the newsstand cover is even more incredible than the subscriber’s version. Lily says she would like one of each. Nikki tells Lily it is a shame she gave up modeling and to call her if she changes her mind because she would love to use her.

Murphy tells Katherine that the Chipmunk is still in the headlines of the newspaper. He says thank God that Kevin and Amber are safe. Then he says Angelina called to say she is dumping Brad and the kids because she can’t live without him. He asks her if she is OK with that. Katherine hasn’t heard a word he said but she responds to him, whatever you want. He guesses that she is looking Jill. Katherine regrets what she said to Jill but Murphy reminds her that Jill wasn’t exactly Little Miss Sunshine herself. Nikki comes over and shows them the two cover of the magazine asking what they think. Katherine says she hopes it sells a lot. Nikki invites them to Restless Style. Murphy tells Katherine to go but he has some things to take care of. Jill comes downstairs and sees the three of them there and looks upset.

Sharon tells Jack she will be fine as she sends him off with a hug. When he opens the door to leave he finds Nick standing there. Jack doesn’t say a word, he just walks out and Nick goes in asking what happened.

Phyllis is at Restless Style when she takes a message for Nick. Then she starts applauding when Nikki brings Katherine in. She tells Nikki that Nick isn’t there and she isn’t sure when he will get there. She tells Nikki he might be at Newman as she avoids answering Nikki when she asks if everything is OK.

Murphy goes out on the patio at the coffee shop when Jill asks him how it feels to win the lottery, taking advantage of a confused old woman. He tells her that Katherine is a gem and as sharp as they come and he just wants to see her happy. He tells Jill that Katherine seems to think having her in her life is important. Jill tells him that is none of his business. He tries to convince her that Katherine doesn’t care what the DNA test shows, she still considers her as her daughter. Jill says but she isn’t. He tells her that Katherine loves her and he hates to see her in this kind if pain. She tells Murphy not to talk to her about Katherine’s pain.

Colleen doesn’t understand why Victor would want to help her. He admits he wanted the board to be consisting of family but he was hasty in excluding her. She points out that she isn’t family though but Victor tells her he is her Godfather and he does admire her courage. He says few have shown the backbone to stand up to him like she has. He tells her he will always be grateful to Brad for saving Noah but he did have a good reason for wanting him off the board so it is nothing personal. She asks if this is an apology. He smiles telling her not to push it. He admits it is important that they get along so he is willing to try but is she. She says why not. She says she will take the papers and study them and she will call with any questions. When she leaves he calls JT telling him to come to the ranch ASAP. When Colleen leaves she calls Jack to arrange a meeting with him.

Jack asks Colleen if Victor tried to get her to vote with him on expanding the fragrance line. She says it went exactly like he said it would. Jack tells her that Victor won’t know she’s against him until she lines up the other board members with his help. Now that Jack is back in control at Jabot he offers Colleen the Fresh Face position saying he has even booked her a fitting. He says imagine Victor walking up and seeing her picture on a billboard for Jabot every day.

Victor tells JT that he wants Colleen off of the Newman board ASAP. JT says she seems determined to stay. Victor tells JT to find a way to get her to resign but not anything to publicly humiliate her. JT says he doubts he would find any dirt on her. Victor reminds him that he does work for Newman’s security so he orders him to get on it. JT tells Victor about Sharon being arrested and how she has been stealing things all over town. Victor says for them to bail her out but JT says Jack already has.

Sharon tells Nick that she has been stealing things. She tells him her mother even caught he swiping a cell phone at the coffee house. She explains that she loses bits of time and finds strange things in her purse. She says it wasn’t Eden who stole those things from the bookstore, it was her. Nick says he wants to help her and then he asks her why she is doing these things. Sharon says she didn’t rip up her lingerie though nor did she write on her mirror. He sits down to think about it and then he asks her if she thinks Phyllis did this.

Nick says he doesn’t think Phyllis would destroy her things that way and after all Sharon has been blacking out. Sharon says Phyllis is capable and she suspects it is her but whoever did this, did her a favor. She says she can’t go on like this. He promises her that things will get better and he wants to help her. She says she appreciates it but she can’t keep using him as a lifeline. He says he is volunteering but she doesn’t want to do anything else to damage his marriage and family. She tells him to go back to his wife and baby. He admits to her that he left Phyllis but she still doesn’t want to be responsible for him ending his marriage. Sharon tells him he should go so he walks out without saying anything else.

Phyllis admits to Nikki that her and Nick may have past the point of no return. Nikki tells her that Nick loves her and Summer and she thinks he just needs some space right now. Nikki says she thinks he will go back. Katherine interrupts to tells them that Esther has told her the phone has been ringing off the hook there. She tells Katherine though that there still hasn’t been any word from Jill. Phyllis says that’s just like Nick. Nikki tells them both that the more she pursued Victor the more he backed away so she tells them both to sit still, you can’t force somebody to love you. She advises them both to give them time to miss them. Phyllis says that’s easier said than done right, and Katherine agrees.

Murphy can sympathize with what Jill is going through. He tells her she got another chance saying Katherine loves her and she loves Katherine. He tells her not to deny it. He says she and Katherine picked each other. She is Katherine’s daughter blood or no blood. She asks if he really thinks they can get past this. She sounds hopeful, as she grabs a copy of Restless style. She reads pretender to the throne, Jill Abbott. She tells Murphy that this is his precious Katherine and Nikki rubbing this in her face. She says no way will they ever reconcile as she throws the magazine in the trash. She tells him he seems like a decent guy but he is swimming with the sharks now and there is blood in the water.

Nikki and Katherine meet up with Murphy. Katherine is worried about how Jill will react to the new issue of the magazine. Murphy admits he tried to patch things up and almost did until she saw the cover of the magazine. He said there was smoke coming from the ears. Nikki says to let Katherine calm down a while. Katherine says she is not giving up on Jill.

Jack goes out on the patio to needle Jill saying it is a tough job market out there. Katherine gave the Abbott’s back control of Jabot. Jill reminds him that Cane is still CEO at Jabot and she is sure Jack will find a way to screw it up. Jack asks her how she got control of the 5% stock and then asks was she working with Victor. Jill just looks at him and tells him to have a good day.

Colleen tells Lily she has to go for a fitting wishing she didn’t have to go. Lily tells her she used to love the fittings but she has no problem with Colleen doing the, in fact she says she will help Colleen with the modeling if she needs her. When Colleen leaves you can see that Lily misses the modeling.

Noah wants to get it over with when he sees his Dad asking him how much trouble is he in. Nick tells him having sex with someone is a very big step. He says he hasn’t told his mother yet though. Noah wants to know what’s up with Nick and Phyllis. Nick tells him not to worry right now, they will work it out. He says he has something else to talk to him about. He tells him his Mom has been stealing some things and she is out on bail right now. Eden walks over about then asking Noah if he heard about his Mom. She says she never stole those books, and tells Noah his mother did though and she let her take the hit for it. Noah tells Nick he has to go, then asks if he can take Eden home now that he knows she isn’t a thief right. Nick says he would like to finish their conversation but Noah tells him later and he takes Eden out the door.

Colleen finds JT reading the Restless Style magazine at the coffee shop. She asks if he has seen Lily, but he says no but invites her to sit with him. He asks how she has been. She tells him she likes living in her Dad’s house and Victor has been warming up to her replacing her Dad on the board.

Jill sees Victor and thanks him putting her in an untenable position with Jabot and her family. He tells her she did that herself. She knows he was playing a game with her and he never intended to put her in charge. He thinks she lost control because of her relationship with Katherine, in other words, this is her doing.

Noah knocks on Sharon’s door. He asks his mom how she could do this to Eden saying she even let Eden get arrested. Sharon says she had no idea saying she didn’t do it on purpose. He asks her what’s wrong with her. She tells him she has been going through a hard time. He tells her that her life is so messed up. He asks why he should listen to her as he slams out the room.

Phyllis leaves a message for Nick telling him they need him at work. He shows up bringing everyone coffee and tells them all to take 5. Phyllis asks him where has he been saying she has been trying to get hold of him. Phyllis tells him that she and Noah have been trying to get in touch with him. Nick tells her he saw Noah and they talked but about his mother being arrested not about him and Eden having sex. Phyllis says thank goodness Sharon finally got caught. Nick is wondering how Sharon got caught though and then point blank asks Phyllis if she set Sharon up.

JT isn’t so sure that Colleen has been welcomed into the family and warns her of what will happen when Victor has no more use for her. Colleen laughs as she says he will crush her. She tells JT Victor has no power over her. JT advises her to sell her seat n the board saying he might go for it then. Colleen doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. JT looks puzzled when she goes to get more coffee.

Phyllis asks Nick why would he thinks she set Sharon up. He says well she did suspect Sharon of stealing. He asks her if she trashed Sharon’s room. She asks why he would say that. Nick wants to believe Phyllis. She tells him to believe her then. She says if trust is the issue here then it should be her that doesn’t trust him since he slept with his ex and went back for more. He asks how come she keeps bringing that up forcing the issue. She tells him how dare he say that to her. She asks if it is her fault that he slept with Sharon, twice. She says he is a grown man, and he didn’t have to sleep with Sharon if he didn’t want to. She says but he wanted to and she asks didn’t he? He is quiet. She says she guesses this is over and he is going back to Sharon huh? He says no but he isn’t going home either. He says he is going to stay at Victoria’s for a while. He won’t be running to Sharon’s arms. She asks how she is supposed to believe that. She tells him she has work to do so she walks away from him.

Sharon calls her mother to tell her she is falling apart saying she is a wreck. She says she hates herself. Her son won’t talk to her and she can’t blame him. She doesn’t even know where to start but last night she got arrested.

Murphy goes to run some errands when he sees Jill. He tells Katherine she is over there. Katherine wants to go talk to her alone so she says she will meet Murphy later at the coffee house later. Lily is looking for Nikki saying her office said she was there. She asks Nikki if she was serious about the modeling offer because if she is, she is very interested.

Noah runs into Jack as he comes in through the revolving door at the club asking if he knows about his mother. Jack says yes, she is the first one she called. Nick thinks his Dad and Phyllis are splitting up and his Mom let Eden tale the blame for stealing books when it was actually her that stole them. He says his parents are seriously screwed up/ Victor comes in asking if something’s wrong. Jack tells him Noah is having a rough day. Jack offers to let Noah move back into his old room, but Victor says that’s nonsense. Noah can stay at the ranch.

Katherine walks up to Jill. Jill sarcastically says well if it isn’t the Queen of Genoa City. She congratulates Katherine on completely humiliating her. Jill blames Nikki for the hatchet job. Katherine tells her that Nikki isn’t after her. Jill says oh, please! Katherine tells her she wants to talk to her. She says they have to work out the estate. Jill tells her to have her lawyer call her lawyer. Katherine insists that she is still her daughter and she doesn’t care what the DNA test says. Jill asks her what if she does though.

Jan Barrett

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