Sabrina confesses she is involved with someone to Victoria! Jill asks Cloe to get Lily to a doctor! Neil asks Karen to help him raise Lily’s baby! 

Jill goes to the Club and talks to Cloe. She tells her she wants to talk to her about Lily Winters. She asks her if she has noticed anything lately that is kind of off lately. Cloe rambles on about Lily being tired and takes the blame for it. Jill stops her and says she is serious. Cloe tells her that she thinks Lily is bulimic. Jill asks if Lily ever confessed that this is her problem. Cloe says no so why don’t she ask her. Jill says she would never confide in her. She says for one she is her boyfriend’s mother not to mention her boss. She tells Cloe she cares so much for Lily, professionally and personally. She wants Cloe to get Lily in to see a doctor.                 

Lily meets with Cane at Crimson Lights after she told her father she was pregnant. She tells him she is such a disappointment to her father. Cane says that just isn’t true. She says it is true, she knows because she was there and saw it in his face. She explains to Cane what her Father told her. She says he told her if she decides to keep the baby then he would raise it. She is confused about what she wants. She says she still has school and if she decides to have this baby she can forget all about her modeling career. He tells her he is responsible for this child. She asks him how he can be so sure. He tells her that he has all the respect in the world for her Father but if she wants to keep this baby no one else is going to raise it but them.

Adam goes to Victor and they discuss the choices of models that they want to use for the ad campaign. Adam gives him two names of models and then Victor finds some information about one of them that wouldn’t be good publicity for them. He tells Adam he should be careful when using celebrities. Adam sees what he means and says well he can cross her off his list.

Nick is back at Restless Style after his trip to Los Angeles. Phyllis teases him about Felicia liking him. He tells her that Felicia isn’t his type. Phyllis says she knows that but Felicia doesn’t.

Sabrina comes to Restless Style and talks to Nick about renting her the first floor in his building. She makes an offer and leaves Nick to think about it. Phyllis tells Nick she thinks it would be cool to have a gallery downstairs. After all the other rental possibilities fall through Nick agrees to rent the floor out to his father for the gallery. He says it might be cool to have his father owe him for a change anyway. They call Sabrina and tell her the news. Sabrina is with Victor when she receives the call. She asks Victor how come they would be renting the floor from Nick if he owns the building. Victor tells her Nick owns the building, he just owns the mortgage. She wants to tell Victoria about them. Victor tells her that Victoria will be upset first but then she will be ok because she wants her father and her best friend to be happy.

Victoria comes into Victor’s office and finds Sabrina there working. She mentions that Sabrina found a place for the gallery. She says that it is in Nick’s building. Victor says yes he knows. He looks at Victoria and confesses to her that he owns Nick’s mortgage. Victoria gets upset saying this puts her in a bad position with her brother. She will hurt him if she tells him and she will hurt him if she doesn’t. She tells Sabrina she thinks she is going to go home for lunch and spend time with Reed and asks her to join her. As they are going out the door, Victor tells Victoria that he done this for Nick as a security and he was only doing it to protect him. He says even though he and Nick don’t always see eye to eye he is still his son and he cares deeply for him. He says he would hope that one day she would do the same thing for her son too.

At home Victoria and Sabrina are having lunch. Sabrina tells her that she has to tell her something. She says it is something big and difficult to tell. She says she has been involved with someone. Victoria is happy to hear about it but apologizes for being so busy that she hasn’t noticed. She wants to know who the guy is and does she know him. Sabrina tells her it is her father. Victoria asks he is she is involved with her father. Sabrina says it just happened. Victoria says he is old enough to be her father. Sabrina says she has tried to tell her several times. Victoria asks her how come she didn’t then. Victoria says she knows why, because she was afraid it would make her look like a opportunistic tramp and then tells Sabrina to get out of her house.

Neil goes to the coffee room at Newman and sees Karen. She asks him how his lunch was. He tells her he didn’t eat and she wants to know why not. He tells her he seen Lily and she told him she is pregnant. Karen is surprised and asks if it is Cane’s and he says yes. She says they have only been dating a few months so how could they let this happen. Neil walks out on Karen after they argue about Lily’s condition. Later Karen apologizes to him. He tells her he told Lily he would support her in every way that she would need him. He tells Karen that he has been thinking about it. He says they could do it, he says they could raise Lily’s baby together. Karen says “Do what?” Karen tells him they have not been together that long so how he could ask her to do this. She suggests that he waits and finds out how Cane would feel about this. Neil tells her he knows they can do this. He says if they can do this it would bring them closer together.

Phyllis tells Nick they need to go to New York to settle a business deal for the magazine. He says he can’t go because he just got home and he hasn’t even seen their daughter yet. She says she will just go then. Adam comes in later and talks to Nick about his ad campaign. He mentions that he is heading out for New York and Phyllis over hears him and tells him she is going to New York too.

Victor goes to Restless Style and tells Nick he has the signed lease for the floor for the gallery and tells him work will begin real soon to get the gallery opened. He leaves saying he hopes they have a great day. When he is gone Victoria calls Nick. He tells her their father just left after bringing him the signed lease. She is really upset and he tells her to calm down he will be right there.

He goes over to her house and she tells him about Sabrina and their father having an affair. Nick asks how she knows, and Victoria said she told her. She wants to know why he isn’t so surprised. He tells her that they knew how their Dad always has liked younger women. He says this has nothing to do with them, she should just accept it that Sabrina is going to be around for a while. She blurts out to Nick that Victor holds the mortgage on his building and then apologizes for telling him.

Jan Barrett

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