When Nick leaves to take Eden home Phyllis lectures Noah asking if they used protection. She says she doesn’t want to ask that question but she has to. He wonders what his Dad is going to do in front of Lauren and Michael. She tells him that his own personal business has been on display there tonight. Phyllis tells him that actions have consequences. He tells her he is going to take a walk and she doesn’t think that’s such a great idea. He tells her to give him a break, it isn’t like he is leaving the country or anything, so he ignores her and goes out the door.

Nick brings Eden to Crimson Lights and he leaves her there with Lauren. He says she has to explain to Lauren that her relationship with Noah is no way past what it was when they were at the cabin. First Lauren gives her the good news about Kevin being found and that he and Michael are ok.

Jeffery orders champagne for him and Gloria as he is proud as Gloria calls him her hero now. They both are assuming that Kevin is where he can get the help he needs.

Michael and Jana are told that they had to give Kevin sedatives. Jana looks through the window and sees Kevin sitting there curled up in a fetal position and she is horrified at what she sees. She tells Michael that they have to do something. Michael looks in too and is equally horrified.

Sharon sees where someone wrote “I hate myself” on her mirror. She denies that the nick nacks and clothes with tags still on them are hers. She shows the detective that her clothes are the ones that are all torn up. She says her clothes are all torn up and she denies writing on her mirror too. She picks up her phone and tells someone to come to her suite right away.

Sitting at home, Phyllis flashes back to calling the police from Sharon’s suite. Nick comes home and brings her back to reality telling her it is time they had a talk saying they have put it off long enough.

Jana begs Kevin to look at her. She promises that she will never give up on him. Suddenly she gets one of her bad headaches again. Michael encourages her to go home, telling her what if Kevin can sense her pain. She says then how come he can’t feel how much she loves him. She asks Michael if there is anyway that he can possibly do to fix this. He tells her again to just go home after promising to try as best he can.

Jack arrives at Sharon’s suite and is surprised to see the cops there. He asks who tore the place up. He says clearly someone broke in here and went ballistic and the detective tells him that’s an interesting theory as he points out that all the stuff with the tags still on them were stolen items. When Jack figures out that they think Sharon did all this he says that’s ludicrous, someone obviously broke in and planted these things. Sharon interrupts saying she thinks she knows why these things are here, she might have taken them herself.

When Nick tells Phyllis that it is probably good that Noah did take a walk because he needs to talk to her. She assumes he wants to talk to her about why he was out at the cabin for so long. He brings up their problems, which she tries to blow off just as normal married stuff. He tells her they are not done but…then she interrupts saying they are not done, she won’t give up and she won’t let him give up either. She tells him that they have been through so much together and then to change the subject she suggests that they go get Noah. Nick just stands there and says for her to listen to him. He tells her that they both know what he is about to say to her and he really doesn’t want to. In a shaky voice she tells him then don’t. He says they need to separate.

Jeffery orders the best champagne that the Club has to offer as he and Gloria celebrate and flirt with each other. He says the theme for the evening is bubbles and it is time they slip out the back door. Jana walks in and tells them that Kevin is not being treated, he is being tortured.

Michael talks to the guard about Kevin’s condition. He is told that the judge’s orders are very clear and they are going by the book with the treatment he is getting. Michael says there must be some sort of mistake as he flips through the file saying this is not what he requested and he will indeed bring this back to court. Heather walks in looking all smug telling Michael good luck with that.

Eden is with Lauren now and she explains to her that she and Noah had one amazing night together and it has totally changed her life. She says she doesn’t regret for one second no matter how mad Noah’s parents are about it. Lauren looks in shock.

Nick tells Phyllis they need some time apart. She asks if he slept with Sharon again. She says well the first time was because of all their memories together and their history together and she understood that even though that took a superhuman effort to do so which btw she thought she was amazing for doing so. She tells him that then he looked her in the eye and swore to her that it was over with Sharon. He tells her he really thought it was. She starts crying asking him if he ever really loved her. He tells her yes, and he still loves her and their life together and Summer. Phyllis says but they come after Sharon saying Sharon seems to come first. She tells him we all have a first love but then we move on. She says we don’t keep on holding on to our first loves. She reminds him that he told her that she and Summer was his future. She cries out that she is an idiot for believing him and for trying to hold onto that. She says he admitted to her that he still loved Sharon and he always has during their entire marriage. She asks him when he knew he was just using her to get past Cassie’s death. Nick is quiet not able to deny what she is saying to him. She says Oh My God!

The detective tells Jack and Sharon that the items they found in her room have been reported stolen and they are worth thousands which makes this grand theft. He tells Jack to step aside and when Jack just stands there he tells him that he never asks twice. He starts reading Sharon her rights and then he arrests and handcuffs her.

Eden tries to explain things better to Lauren. Then at the club Noah walks in with Victoria. He apologizes to Victoria for taking her away from Reed. It goes back and forth from the club to the coffee house as Noah and Eden explain to Lauren and Victoria what happened. Eden continues telling Lauren she is not a virgin anymore, Noah it telling Victoria how he wants to spend the rest of his life with Eden and he doesn’t care what his parents think. Lauren seems to be at a loss for words when Eden assures her that she and Noah used protection. Victoria advices Noah to talk to his Dad about this but then he tells her about his Dad catching them on the sofa. Eden tells Lauren who is in shock that she doesn’t understand why everyone is so down on two people loving each other. Lauren tells her they just don’t want her to get hurt. Eden tells her that Noah would never hurt her and Lauren says not intentionally at least. Lauren hopes Eden isn’t confusing sex with love. She tells Eden that protection is not fool proof and that although she knows she can’t stop them from seeing each other, she can’t encourage her to continue having sex together.

Michael finds out that the Judge has gone to Toronto for a convention. When asked if he would like to leave a message he said no message and hangs up. Heather stands there gloating as she proudly tells him she told him. She says Kevin will get the treatment he deserves, not the vacation Michael was hoping for. Michael tells her to look at Kevin and then tells her she took a kid that needs help. Heather says she thinks Kevin faked the outburst in the court to get sympathy from the judge. She says if he didn’t then he is where he belongs. When she leaves Michael stands there looking helpless thinking Heather is wrong. She says too many lives are at a risk. Michael says she just doesn’t understand there is a life at stake and it’s Kevin’s.

Jack calls Michael to get help for Sharon but he tells Jack he is up to his eyeballs so he can’t help him. Gloria walks in to give Michael a break. She urges him to go home and get some rest saying there is nothing more he can do tonight. She says this is about Kevin and she promises she will be strong for Kevin asking to let her stay with him while Michael goes home. Finally he agrees saying if the doctors call…she says she will call him so he says he will be back in a couple of hours. Gloria asks a guard passing by if she can go in and sit with her son so he will know he isn’t alone.

Nick packed a bag and he says staying with Phyllis wouldn’t be fair to her. He says he is only trying to be honest with her. She sarcastically thanks him and then asks if he was being honest when he packed his bag and then tiptoed past his daughter’s bedroom so she wouldn’t wake up. She tells him she wants to hear him tell her that while he and she were building their life together, and had a child together, that he was still in love with Sharon. She screams at him that she wants to hear him say it. Nick says he doesn’t know and asks her not to do this. She screams at him over and over to say it and then she tells him to get out and to please just leave. Nick finally just walks out the door. Meanwhile Sharon is at the police station being booked and they are taking her mug shot and fingerprints while Jack stands by watching.

Phyllis calls Michael telling him everything is fine but she just misses him and wonders if he could come by saying she could use a friend right now. Michael says she has one but not one that is free right now saying he wishes he could help her but she is on her own now. She says ok, and that she will talk to him soon as she hangs up. Nick goes over to Victoria’s place using his key to go inside. Victoria tells him she is really sorry. He tells her yeah so is he.

Michael goes to the police station and is shocked to hear that Sharon has been arrested for shoplifting, and possibly grand theft. Jack tells him that someone broke into her hotel suite and cut up her clothes specifically her lingerie and the police were called. He said they found a bunch of stolen things which some of them were from Fenmore’s with the tags still on them. Michael thinks this could be a conflict of interest since he is married to the owner of Fenmore’s. Then he hears that Sharon has confessed before they read her rights so Jack asks if that is inadmissible. He explains that she was totally out of it saying the room looked like a bomb had gone off in the room and then they accused her. He tells Michael it was stuff that she didn’t even need, like nick nacks, jewelry, and even books that she has no interest in from Trumbles used book store. When Michael hears that he tells Jack he can’t help him telling him to call another lawyer and then he leaves.

They allow Gloria to go in the room with Kevin and she tells him she is there. The intern warns her not to get too close though. She talks to Kevin about how it was when he had his tonsils out and she brought him his favorite yo yo. She says he was always so good with his hands. Kevin imagines he is at Crimson Lights and then turns around seeing his mother. To him her voice sounds like Alvin the Chipmunk and she has the chipmunk head on. He stares at her and starts screaming at her to go, go. Then he tells her to stay away!

Michael meets with Lauren at Crimson Lights and he tells her about what is going on with Kevin. Lauren lays it on him about Eden having a life changing night with Noah. Michael looks sick when he asks her does he even want to know what that is. Lauren tells him probably not. Eden walks up asking what’s wrong and she realizes that Lauren has already told him about her and Noah. She says she can tell by the look on his face that he doesn’t approve. Michael tells Eden and Lauren about Sharon Abbott being arrested for theft saying items from Fenmore’s and Trumble’s Book Store was found in her room. Eden is surprised hearing that Noah’s Mom stole those books and let her get blamed for it. Michael says it looks that way.

When Noah gets back he finds Phyllis crying and she tells him she doesn’t know when his Dad will be back. Meanwhile over at Victoria’s she has made up the spare bedroom and she and Nick tell each other good night, sleep well.

Jack tells Sharon he has contacted a top notch lawyer and he is on his way to see her. He says they are going to bail her out. He says tomorrow it will be like all this never happened. He asks her if there is anything else he can do for her. He asks if she wants him to call Nick. She tells him NO do not call him.

Jan Barrett

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