Michael is glad to see Lauren back in town. Lauren seems to think that Gloria really has changed but Michael isn’t buying it. He says with Gloria there has got to be an angle. He says with her there is always an angle. Lauren tells him that ever since he decided to let Gloria stand on her own two feet he has been miserable so she wants him to call her.

Jana is looking for a place to get married. She tells Kevin after he offers to help that she really needs a female’s opinion. She says one like his Mom. She then gets this idea that they should be inviting his mother to move in with them now that Amber’s room is empty. Kevin tells her no way. He says she would drive him crazy for sure if Gloria lived with them so forget it.

Jill meets with Alistair and he fills her in on how Kyon locked Gloria in the wine cellar. He offers to go see Gloria now and see if he can help her any more. Jill encourages him to do just that and tells him maybe he can find out what it is that Jeffery has hanging over her head. When Alistair leaves Jill sees Jeffery and she goes to say hello and asks if she can join them. She asks him how he and Gloria are doing. He tells her they are fine but a hotel employee walks up and tells him that they will get to the plumbing problem in his room soon and asks if he would prefer getting another room instead. Jeffery is forced to admit now to Jill that he and Gloria are having a few problems. She tells him that she and his brother William were good friends and he could always talk to her so if he ever needs to talk she would be happy to listen.

Lily is on the phone saying the doctor’s office called and said the pregnancy test came back positive. Cloe walks up and tells her they need a refill on coffee so they can discuss a few things. Lily tells her she can’t drink coffee because she heard that caffeine was bad for the skin. Lily goes to the bathroom leaving Cloe there when Cane comes in. She asks Cane if Lily is keeping her weight down the old fashioned way by sticking her finger down her throat. Cane tells her no.

Later Cane brings Lily to the Chancellor Estate and they talk. He tells her she needs to talk to her Dad. She says he isn’t her Mom though and her Mom is who she needs right now. She gives in and calls Neil and asks him to have lunch with her at the Club. When she hangs up she tells Cane she needs to do this by herself and promises to call him after. Jill walks in as Cane hugs Lily.

When Lily leaves Jill asks Cane what’s going on with Lily. Jill says every time she sees Lily that she looks like she is about to fall apart. She asks if they are having problems between them. He says no. She tells him she is his mother and she is there for him if he wants to talk to her. She says when he was growing up she couldn’t be there but she is there now and there is nothing he can’t tell her. She tells him she would give her life for him. He says and he would do the same for his own children when he has some. He says he has to go back to the office and he leaves. Jill sits there and tells herself that Lily is pregnant.

Lily meets with Neil and he says he knows what she is going through and what is wrong. She thinks he knows she is pregnant. She tells him she doesn’t know what to do. He tells her that Cloe told him she thinks her heart is not in the modeling. She just listens to him and then he realizes that this isn’t about her modeling. She tells him no. He asks her if she is in some sort of trouble. She says no and then says well yes sort of. She says she is pregnant. He asks her if she is sure. She says she took the test three times and then she went to the doctor. He says well her mother and him gave her the speech about safe sex a long time ago. She says wells this time it didn’t work well enough. She asks him if he hates her. He says no and offers her all the help she will need. She tells him the thing is she hasn’t decided to keep the baby yet.

Gloria has made her mind up she is moving out the mansion. She has movers moving her things out and one of them bangs an antique piece into a wall and she throws a fit. She tells him to just put the piece down but before he can Alistair walks in and orders than man to set it down now. He thinks they are robbing Gloria but she tells him she is moving and never going to look back. Alistair asks her why on earth she would want to leave this place. She says it is a long story. She says when John was alive he defended her to his family and he made her feel like royalty. She said she thought if she moved back into the house she would feel that again. She said all that her fighting to get that house back did was cause her to lose her sons and nothing is worth that.

While they are about ready to leave Jeffery walks in and asks why all of his things are out on the lawn and why is everything of theirs in the house gone. She tells him she is moving. He asks what Alistair is doing there. She tells Jeffery Alistair isn’t the one that was caught with his mistress. Jeffery says once and for all that nothing happened between him and Kyon.

Alistair says that’s not what it looked like to him. Gloria says this has nothing to do with Alistair. She says he is every bit of good looking as her late husband John was and no one could really blame her if she says she has fallen in love with Alistair. Then she turns to Alistair and plants a huge romantic kiss on him. Jeffery tells her he knows she isn’t serious and she is only doing this to get back at him and he leaves. When Jeffery is gone, she pulls away from Alistair she tells him she wasn’t serious and she shows him to the door and says good bye. Alistair goes to Jill and tells her that Gloria is moving out the mansion and into a room at the Club. Alistair accuses Jill of being interested in Jeffery but she assures him that is not the case.

Jack and Sharon tell Noah they are finally getting to move back into their house. They go to the house and find Gloria there. She tells them his father loved her and wanted her to have that house. She says but as much as it means to her she knows it means more to him so she is giving it up. She says now who is the Monster, Jack? Then she walks out. Sharon and Noah go off to pick up his computer and John’s ghost shows up. His ghost tells Jack good bye. He tells him he is not going to be there anymore. He says the time has come for Jack to be on his own. Jack tells him to stay and he will even give the house back to Gloria if he will but John tells him it is time he goes and then he says just make him proud and then he disappears.

Michael talks to Kevin and they decide this is another scam up Gloria’s sleeve. They think she is up to her old tricks again. Jana and Lauren have decided that they believe Gloria has changed but the guys disagree. Meanwhile when Gloria gets to the Club she has a bag and her Letter G with her. She stands there all alone looking so lonely. She calls Michael and leaves a message for him. She tells him she has moved out of the mansion and she is at the Club all alone. She tells him she doesn’t think she can stay there cause it cold and lonely and asks him please don’t make her stay there, and then she asks can she move in with them.

Jan Barrett

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