Katherine is at the courthouse when Mitchell shows up giving her some news about her estate. Meanwhile inside Kevin sits next to Amber and the guard refuses to let Jana approach Kevin. The judge comes in and Michael says he will be representing both Kevin and Amber. Heather reads a list of charges they have against Kevin and she tells the judge that they ask that he is held without bail because of his history with the law. The judge asks Michael to convince him otherwise and Michael states that is why he is there.

Lauren has no choice but to let Noah drive Eden home but she tells them not to make her regret this and then she leaves for the courthouse. Eden tells Noah she doesn’t want to home yet, she wants to go home with him to help him deal with his parents like he did for her.

Phyllis breaks a glass when she calls the ranger station and is told that they saw a car heading up there a little while ago but no one has come back down from there yet. When asked if she wants to leave a message she tells them no thanks you. She stands there as she hangs up and whispers, “Nick this is my message to you. Please don’t do this again.”

Sharon has to ask since they know Noah is safe and sound, how come she and Nick are still there. Nick says maybe it is because they don’t want to as he remembers what happened when they were there the last time. He says it was amazing and neither of them wants to let it go.

Meanwhile Phyllis is driving herself crazy worrying about what Nick and Sharon are doing together. She convinces herself that this is going to happen again so she grabs her purse and heads out the door.

Sharon tells Nick she knows he is sorry but she says they did have a wonderful moment here but she insists that that’s all it was. He says moments pass but sometimes feelings don’t. They both feel that they would still be together if Cassie hadn’t have died. As they talk about Cassie Nick tells her he misses Cassie too but Noah is ok and he is back at home. Sharon says but she isn’t OK and she isn’t coping with things that are happening that she doesn’t understand. She admits she makes love to other men pretending that they are Nick and she says she is doing other things that she doesn’t even remember doing. She says she feels likes she is just falling apart. Nick gives her a hug to help comfort her.

Mitchell tells Katherine he has officially invalidated her will and death certificate so now all her properties and the monies can be returned to her. They make arrangements for a new death certificate to be drawn up in Marge’s name. Mitchell says that they might never know why they were riding in the same car together when the accident happened, but at least Marge’s friends and family will have closure now. Murphy tells her that poor old Marge can rest in peace now. Katherine suddenly remembers taking Marge to rehab. She says “Dear God in Heaven, I remember what happened the night Marge died.”

Michael tells the judge that Kevin has some deep psychological scars from when he was a kid. He was emotionally and physically abused and he now suffers from post traumatic stress disorder. Heather objects saying the state deals in facts. Amber stands and clarifies that she is not his girlfriend. Michael and Daniel tell Amber to be quiet. Michael tells the judge that Kevin attempted to help Mrs. Chancellor and Esther Valentine escape from the kidnappers and then he himself was kidnapped and the kidnappers recreated his abuse. Michael says yes he later did all this that he is being charged with but he needs prolonged psychiatric therapy. Michael tells the judge if they don’t help Kevin now he won’t ever be the same.

Murphy and Katherine are standing outside the courtroom when they decide they need to tell everyone from the diner about her remembering all that happened and she wants to give Marge a decent farewell. They decide to give her a great send off with a memorial service. Murphy likes the idea and then they decide to go back inside the courtroom.

Heather tells the judge that Kevin Fisher is violent and volatile and aggressive. Michael stands to remind the court Kevin is also a married man that owns his own business that Ms. Stevens herself frequents. He asks if they can ask his supporters if they think Kevin is dangerous, like his wife, mother, relatives and friends and then he mentions those that Kevin helped such as Mrs. Chancellor. Heather asks if Mrs. Chancellor knows that Kevin killed a man. Amber quickly objects and tries explaining what happened there but Michael tells her to sit down and shut up. Heather tells her that he case is next. Amber loses her temper telling Heather to bring it on. The judge tells the bailiff to sit her down now. When he grabs hold of Amber to calm her down Kevin sees him and goes crazy and starts yelling for him to get his hands off of her.

Noah and Eden go to Nick and Phyllis’s house only to find no one home. They talk about how their luck has really been bad lately. They talk about the book bag having those books in it and they wonder how that even happened. She feels like she is a magnet for bad luck and asks if he is sure he wants to hang out with her. When he says he still thinks it’s the best idea he’s ever had but she wonders if he is disappointed about her wanting to ‘wait’.

Sharon says she shouldn’t be telling all this to Nick because it is not his problem. He says he is the one that should be apologizing because they never should have made love. She tells him she doesn’t regret that saying it meant more to her than he will ever know. They stand there looking at each other when Nick kisses her and then she kisses him again and the next thing you know they are at it again.

Phyllis dresses up in a housekeeping uniform and uses a key to get into Sharon’s room. She has a pair of scissors in her hand when she opens Sharon’s lingerie drawer. She speaks out saying what a mess Sharon is as she starts cutting up piece after piece.

Noah tells Eden he isn’t disappointed. He appreciates her being honest with him before it was too late. He tells her he isn’t mad and then kisses her. She says actually she is surprised about how she feels about it because the ashram was all about free love and everyone there was doing it. She thought it would be simple since they were so close. He tells her that their first time should be perfect. She tells him she loves him so much.

Kevin yells for the two officers to get off of him and they haul him out of the courtroom. Michael tells the judge he is sorry but his client doesn’t know what he is doing. Saying that is results of the post traumatic stress disorder. He asks that the court release Kevin to his family saying that they have located a private facility to get him the help he needs right now. Heather naturally objects only to get Michael upset causing him to scream out that this is insane. Heather remarks that it must run in the family. The judge excuses himself to deliberate his decision alone.

Nick shirt is open now as Sharon climbs on top of him. Then we see Phyllis in the hotel room tearing up all of Sharon’s things. As Nick and Sharon are making love we can hear Phyllis’s screams as she tears up the pillow on the bed and then she tears up a bouquet of flowers. As she continues destroying everything in the room Phyllis runs across a bunch of stolen things including the frame, the monkey’s and the red egg as she scatters them all over the floor.

Michael reminds Amber to keep her mouth shut when the judge comes back in. He tells Daniel to talk to her, gag her or do whatever it takes to keep her quiet. Daniel tells her that Michael is only trying to help her so she needs to stop arguing with the DA. He says she is making Michael look bad so get a grip. She complains about Michael being so mean. Daniel says he has to be mean because he is concerned. He tells her to listen to Michael because he doesn’t want to go home tonight alone.

Gloria starts whining that this is her fault for not protecting Kevin from terrible Tom. Katherine tells her to stop it and then says Kevin needs her now so she needs to stop thinking of herself. Michael thinks it might actually be a good thing that Kevin lost it like he did in front of the judge. He says it shows Kevin is irrational. He tells Lauren he just can’t let Kevin down this time, he just can’t.

Sharon is wrapped in only a blanket when she tells Nick she wishes they never had to leave there. He says he wishes they didn’t either. She says she will go get dressed  and Nick says he will be right behind her as he thinks about Phyllis.

Phyllis takes lipstick and writes on the mirror ‘I hate myself.’ Then she says she hates her too. She picks up the phone and disguising her voice she calls the cops claiming she works in housekeeping for the Genoa City Athletic Club and she asks for them to send someone over there right away saying that she has found something incredible. She says it is just terrible and thanks them.

The judge says he isn’t sure what Kevin suffers from but he can’t be certain that Michael’s diagnose is wrong so he is ordering that Kevin be held and evaluated pending trial at a psychiatric facility. Michael thanks the judge. Heather asks what about Heather calling her his coconspirator. Michael says she can’t be a coconspirator if Kevin isn’t responsible for his actions. He mentions the video of Amber mouthing the word ‘help’ so she should be released without prejudice. Heather calls out the list of charges for her and the judge agrees that her charges should stand but he does grant her bail set at 1 million dollars. Amber says she doesn’t have that kind of money as a guard comes to get her calling her Blondie to take her back to her sell. Katherine tells the guard not to speak to her friend like that and she offers to put up the bail for Amber. She says now that she has her affairs are back in order with her money he first check is to take care of these two people.

Noah asks Eden if she has been this far with a guy before. She tells him no way and he admits he hasn’t been this far with a girl before either. He says all his friends think he is experienced. She tells him she didn’t want to stop, it just didn’t feel right up there. They agree it was the wrong place and the wrong time as they start kissing. She starts unbuttoning Noah’s shirt.

Nick and Sharon are back at the coffee shop and they assume Noah just went home. They agree it wouldn’t be such a good idea if Sharon went home with Nick to check on Noah. Nick says he isn’t sorry about what happened tonight and she says neither is she but she wonders what he is going to tell Phyllis. He says he has no idea but he wishes he knew what to tell her.

When Nick gets home Phyllis comes in at the same time. She asks what did she miss regarding Noah. She asks if he talked to Noah. Nick tells her that he and she need to talk. She asks really? Then she asks what they need to talk about. As they walk inside, Eden and Noah jump off of the sofa covering each other with a blanket. Noah yells out Dad! Nick tells Eden to get dressed and tells them both to save it for Michael and Lauren when they start trying to explain.

Sharon walks in her room and finds the cops there. She asks what’s going on. The cops show her all the stolen things and ask her if she wants to tell them where they came from.

Daniel tells Amber he bail has been paid so she is free to leave. She hugs Katherine thanking her promising to pay her back. Daniel tells her that Kevin will be OK. He is going to get the help he needs.

Michael and Jana go to the hospital where they took Kevin to. Michael looks confused saying the place looks familiar. Jana asks why the room is locked. Michael says he remembers this place. He says it’s a padded cell with no window. He remembers as he looks through the narrow window saying this is where they held Kevin before. From the cell Kevin screams out for Michael that he promised. He says Michael told him he’d be safe, and now he has lied to him. Jana cries out that she is here. Kevin covers his ears saying they are a bunch of liars as he sits there rocking back and forth.

Jan Barrett

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