Adam tells Jack he thinks he should work with him on the Beauty of Nature account because he thinks Nick and Phyllis are still having a problem with him being around. Jack gives Adam some tips on what he can expect from Victor. Phyllis comes in and tells Adam it is crazy that they can’t work together He says he thinks this is best but she thinks it is demeaning.

Sabrina is nervous about telling Victoria the news about her and Victor. He tells her not to be nervous because he taught Victoria from an early age to accept the truth. Victoria walks in and asks Sabrina if her Father has been a good host. She asks Sabrina if she would like to go out, since it looks like it is going to be a beautiful day. Victor suggests she joins them because he has something she would like to talk to her about.  They talk about a place for Victor to be opening a new contemporary arts museum.

Later Victoria thinks about a place in the building with Restless Style. Victoria and Sabrina go talk to Nick but Phyllis says he is in L.A. and asks what is going on. She asks Phyllis about the room on the first floor of the building. Later Sabrina tells Victor that they found a great place and it is on the ground floor of Nick’s building. Victor tells Sabrina that Nick has no idea but he holds Nick’s mortgage on the building. He explains that he bought the loan Nick made to keep him from using his trust fund money but he doesn’t want Nick to know it.

Nick flew to Los Angeles for the photo shoot for the Forrester account with Felicia. Felicia takes full advantage of having Nick there without his wife and flirts more with him. Lily and Devon and Cloe walk in and Felicia shows Lily what they want her to wear for the photo shoot. She tells Felicia it is beautiful. Felicia shows her where to go for hair and makeup. When she sits down Cloe asks her if she can at least sound a little more professional. Lily says she is sorry. Devon asks Lily is she is ok and Cloe notices she doesn’t look so good. Suddenly Lily gets sick and has to run to the bathroom leaving Cloe puzzled. Lily starts the photo shoot and Cloe says she is on fire. The photographer keeps saying how nice she looks. Felicia whispers to Nick that she owes this to him for getting his Mom to let them use Lily. After the photo shoot is over Felicia invites Nick on a night out on the town but he turns her invitation down.

Gloria calls to see if Katherine was available for lunch and when she finds out she isn’t she looks around the Abbott mansion and looks so lonely. Jeffery calls Gloria and she tells him she doesn’t believe that he and Kyon didn’t do anything. He threatens her with jail again and she says go ahead and turn her in but before he can she is going to have their marriage annulled. He asks on what grounds and she says she doesn’t care what grounds as long as it is annulled.

Jana tells Kevin that she asked his mother to stand up for them in their wedding. Now she can’t get him to talk to her. He says not until she undoes what she did. Jana says it is her wedding too so she should have a say in it. Later Michael comes in and asks what the emergency is about. Kevin says he doesn’t know what he is talking about. Michael tells him Jana called him and asked him to come and it was an emergency. Kevin looks at her in question and she says someone phoned her. Michael asks who. She points to the door and when they look Gloria is standing there.

They all fight over Jana tricking them into going there to meet with Gloria. Gloria stops them and tells them that Jana is the only one that could get them all together for her to admit that they were right and she was wrong. Michael says ok, he is going to be sorry but he tells her to say what she wants to say. Gloria apologizes to them for what she has done. She asks them to please come by the Mansion tonight because she has an announcement to make. She says it has to be made at John’s house. She says she knows they doubt her but after this if they still don’t believe her then neither one of them will ever hear from her again.

Gloria calls Jack and asks him and Sharon to meet her in a half an hour at the mansion. He tells her he and Sharon have a meeting about another house. She asks him to please come, it is very important. He says ok they can meet at the club. She says no it has to be at the mansion. Finally he says fine they will be there.

Everyone meets at the Abbott Mansion. When Jack and Sharon walk in Kevin, Jana and Michael are surprised to see them. Michael has some unpleasant things to say to Jack and Sharon so Jack says they are just going to leave. Gloria walks in before they can. She is holding a picture of John in her arms and she tells them that she and John have something to tell them all. She tells Jack that she loved his Father. She says John loved him just like she loves her own sons. She said she knows that John loved her but he is gone. She says maybe it is time she moved on. She tells him this house is his house and he should live here and raise his family. Jack asks her if she is bluffing, but she hands him the papers where he signed it over to her and she tells to rip it up. She gives him the mansion back.

Nikki still can’t get hold of David. She keeps calling him but he doesn’t answer his phone. Victoria walks up from behind Nikki and startles her. She asks Nikki if she wants to join her for a cup of coffee out on the patio. When Nikki agrees her phone rings and she gets excited because she sees it is from David. When she answers the connection is too bad and she can’t hear him so she has to hang up.

Jan Barrett

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