Gloria comes downstairs and she thinks about what happened between her and Jeffery. She congratulates herself for getting everything she wanted and realizes now she is all alone. While she sits there and sulks someone knocks on the door and she tells them to go away but it is Jana. She lets herself in and tells Gloria she doesn’t care what she thinks, but there is still some sort of spirit in that house.

Gloria finds a diamond earring on the sofa and says it is probably Kyon’s and Jeffery probably bought it for her with her money. She starts sulking some more. Jana tells her they have been trying to set a wedding date. Jana assures Gloria that she will not get married unless she is there. Jana tells Gloria that if she and Jeffery get back together then he will be the luckiest man alive. She says she is beautiful and then Gloria mentions that she is filthy rich. Jana tells her that she would be the best even if she didn’t have a dime. Gloria thanks her for that.

Victor asks Sabrina what made her change her mind about leaving. She says she realized her dearest friend lives here and she thought about the job he offered her. She says she has to be realistic here. She is worried that one days he will change his mind about her. He says well they will just have to take that chance and then they kiss. Later Sabrina finds Victoria. Victoria is excited to hear the news that she accepted the job with her Father. Sabrina tells her that Victor offered to let her stay at the ranch just until she can find her own place.

Nikki tells Victoria that she doesn’t want to upset her but her dreams of her Dad and her ever getting back together is not going to happen. Victoria tells her that isn’t what has her upset. She tells her about her Father taking her off the Beauty of Nature account and giving it to Adam. Nikki wants to know why he did that.

Kyon calls Jeffery and he tells her he hasn’t cheated on his wife and he isn’t going to and she is going to leave town today. Jack walks in and Jeffery hears him on the phone and can tell he isn’t happy. He says he knows the feeling. Jeffery tells him they are on the same side here but Jack corrects him saying they were on the same side.

Michael tells Kevin he is so mad. He wants to know if he is mad at Gloria and he says no, it is Jack. He tells him how Jack embarrassed him at the Club in front of a client. Kevin says who cares. Jack will be $2 Million poorer in a few weeks. Michael says it isn’t as easy as that. He says Jack is countersuing him. While sitting there with Kevin Sharon walks up and asks Michael if she can talk to him. He tells her they have a lawyer so why not let him do the talking for them. She says no, whether he likes it or not he is going to hear what she has to say to him. She tells him if his point is to make Jack suffer then he has already succeeded. She tells him one more thing before she leaves. She says if he wins the lawsuit then that will mean he is just like his mother. This leaves Michael uneasy.   

Brad is with Heather at the club after they each had a workout in the gym. They see Nikki and she suggests they go say hello but Brad thinks it might be a bad idea to go talk to the boss when they are playing hooky from work to workout at the gym. She gives him the third degree about his life after reminding him she has been trained to investigate people.

Nikki tries calling David but she can’t get an answer. She is worried and doesn’t see Paul when she runs into him. He asks her if she is ok. She confides in him about David’s gambling problems. He asks how serious is it and she says very serious or at least he says it use to be. The problem is she is worried because he claims he went to Texas on a family matter and she just doesn’t know if she can trust him or not. Paul offers to check David out but she says she is going to be marrying David so she should trust him. He says all the more reason to check him out now, to see if she can trust him. She says she doesn’t think she should but he says if she changes her mind to let him know.

She thanks him and then he says it is the least he can do since she did hire his daughter after all. She says Heather is doing a great job at Jabot and then points out that she is there in the Club with Brad. Paul walks over to Heather’s table and says hello. Heather asks him if he knows Brad. Paul says yes they go way back. Paul asks Heather if she would like to have lunch with him one day next week. Brad is offended that Paul would be asking her out while he is having a drink with her. They laugh and Heather tells him that Paul is her father. Brad said oh, he had no idea and apologizes.

At Newman Enterprises Sabrina is with Victoria and she tells her that she really needs to talk to her about something. Victoria tells her ok, they can go to her office. Adam stops them and tells them that he heard the good news about Sabrina’s job and congratulates them. Victoria is surprised and she asks Sabrina if she thought it was possible that she and Adam could work together. Sabrina tells her she thinks she should give it a try. Victoria says if that is possible then who knows, maybe one day her parents might even get back together. Then she remembers that Sabrina had something to talk to her about but Sabrina pretends she forgot what it was now. Later Sabrina goes to see Victor and tells him she couldn’t tell Victoria the truth. He says just tell her the truth, that they are involved.

Jan Barrett

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