When Amber wakes up with the sun in her eyes and she says to close the shades. She sees Kevin has been up all night drinking but she refuses to yells at him. She says he has had enough of that in his life. Kevin tells her he thinks it is time they headed for the Canadian border.

Nikki likes what Phyllis is doing with the article at Restless Style about Katherine. She said she can’t wait to read the rest when it is completed. Phyllis tells Nikki that this article will break the record for Restless Style. Phyllis tells her everything is going great for them. She adds that she and Nick enjoy having a houseful of people when she mentions that Noah is living with them right now while Sharon is at Jack’s.

Nick brings Noah over to Jack’s who is upset because his new car is in the shop. Jack tells him his Mom isn’t there. Noah says he and his Mom was supposed to have breakfast this morning. He asks Jack where his mom is right now. Sharon arrives about that time and apologizes to Nick and Noah saying she isn’t living at Jack’s anymore. She tells them she has moved back to the club.

Chloe likes it when Billy wipes spit up from the baby off his shirt. He starts whining about having to play nanny to his daughter while mommy gets to go out to find a babysitter for tonight’s wedding rehearsal. Chloe tells him to get use to it because that’s what it is like being married with kids. She smiles and tells him to have fun as the baby starts crying and Chloe leaves.

Cane brings Lily a whipped cream latter with a heart in it which she says “awww” to. He can’t help but notice she isn’t wearing his ring though. He tells her that he will always wait for her.

Brock meets with Nikki on the patio at Crimson Lights. He tells her he went straight to the hospital from the airport to have the DNA test done but he still isn’t sold on any of this. Nikki tells him she understands how he feels but she says she can assure him that his mother is very much so alive. She tells him to come with her, she will take him to her.

Katherine thinks it is a miracle that she doesn’t have any aches and pains this morning. She tells Murphy maybe it is her magic ring. Murphy seems nervous about getting married tomorrow so he suggests that maybe she loans him the ring saying he could use all the magic he can get right now.

When Nikki and Brock arrive at Murphy’s trailer she comforts Brock by saying miracles happen and if anyone knows that he certainly should. Katherine opens the door and she and Brock stand there looking each other face to face. Katherine smiles and says “Brock my son! Brock says, “Mother” as he hugs her with tears in his eyes.

Jill finds Esther preparing for Billy and Chloe’s wedding. Jill is upset that they are getting married there in the mansion. Even though she and Billy have had their share of differences she would never wish this on him. She says last thing he needs is to be trapped in a marriage with Esther’s psycho spawn.

Chloe is at Crimson Lights where she meets Eden. She tells her that she has heard all about her from Phyllis. She decides to ask her about babysitting while they have the rehearsal dinner tonight. Eden is amazed. She notes, Baby first, then marriage. She says that’s so “chill” as she shows her complete approval. Cane and Lily watch them and when Chloe tells Eden she has the job then, Cane comments about her not having any actual childcare experience. Chloe tells her to ignore the hot air from the Outback. She says he doesn’t get a vote in this and asks if she wants to know why. She says it is because he is not the father of the baby. Cane has to go take care of something so he gives Lily a kiss and leaves.

Billy walks around with the baby as she is cross and crying. He tells her he knows what he needs right now and it isn’t her Mother. He says it wasn’t supposed to turn out like this though. He looks up and he sees Mackenzie standing there. He asks what she is doing there. He watches her as she picks the baby up and tells Delia that she is sure her Daddy will get the hang of it. Billy thinks back to when he and Mac were married only later to find out it wasn’t legal because they were cousins. As he continues fantasizing she jokes around about him taking advantage of her after 5 years of marriage. She give him a quick kiss and sets the baby back down saying she has to fetch something from the bathroom. He leans over to the baby and tells her he was wrong, this is exactly how this was supposed to turn out.

Kevin says it is time they go. He says they can grab the money and run with it. Amber wants to check his leg first but all Kevin thinks about is how pretty that money is. Amber tells him she isn’t into money anymore saying she has changed. She tells him so has he that is why Michael and Daniel are out looking for them. Kevin gets furious when he accuses her of disobeying him by calling them.

While working on the article about Katherine, Phyllis’s mind got side track and she starts a letter to Sharon. She calls her a slut and a thief. She advises her to hold onto Jack real tight. She tells her that Nick has showed her how much he loves her and boy did he show her how much last night, again and again and again, all night long. Sharon, poor Sharon.

Sharon tells Noah she is sorry she didn’t call. She explains that moving back in with Jack was an impulsive decision that she shouldn’t have done. He is mad that he can’t seem to count on his own Mom asking her when is this going to end. He asks if this is how it is going to be from now on. Sharon tells him she just wants whatever it is to be all over. He tells her they all want it to be over as he storms out.

Jill starts in on Esther again about this wedding. She wonders if this is what she really wants for Chloe or is it because she knows no man will ever really love her. Esther stands up to Jill telling her she will not let her ruin her daughter’s wedding. She says Chloe isn’t in love with Billy, it is just an obsession of hers. She says Chloe is a liar that first roped Cane in and now Billy. She grabs the phone telling Esther she is going to buy her our then she can have this wedding somewhere else. Esther refuses to sell reminding Jill that she doesn’t even own half the house, Katherine does and when she comes back she will be there cheering her on when Jill gets hers. Esther says it will be just peachy.

Katherine explains to Brock how all this started with some memory loss for her and then it was all gone. Murphy tells him that the doctor’s couldn’t find anything wrong with her. Brock tells them about Lyme’s Disease. He knows a man that had all the symptoms that she is describing and they treated it with antibiotics and now he has made a complete recovery. Katherine tells him she has been on antibiotics since the explosion. Nikki gets on the phone and calls Katherine’s doctor to ask him about this.

Chloe tells Eden to be at her house at 5:30 and asks her not to be late. When Eden leaves Chloe notices Lily isn’t wearing the ring from Cane and congratulates her for it. Lily sarcastically says she sees that Chloe is still wearing Cane’s ring. Chloe tells her it is a treasure and waves her hand around where everyone can see it. Lily is frustrated so she says Chloe doesn’t care which brother it is that she married. She says she hopes the baby never finds out how her Dad feels about her Mom. Chloe says her Daddy shows her Mommy how he feels on a regular basis and it is fabulous.

Billy is still at home with his fantasy of having Mac there. Mac suggests they go window shopping and then perhaps have lunch at an outdoor café. He says great, he’d love to. She leaves the room to go clean up a bit. When she goes to the bathroom he hears a knock on the door. It’s Cane standing there. Billy tells him to go the hell away. When Cane enters he laughs as he asks Billy if this is really the life he wants with no more clubbing with all the different women. Billy tells Cane he has no idea who he is.

A nurse goes out to the trailer to draw blood from Katherine for the DNA test and she tells her that the results would take mere hours as per Mrs. Newman’s request to give it top priority. Brock says he has talked to Jill and she isn’t very happy to hear that he recognizes Katherine. Murphy still hope Jill will come around. Katherine says she knows she still loves Jill and that Jill still loves her, she just needs a second chance.

Noah thanks Phyllis for picking him up and complains about not knowing where his own mother is living. Phyllis says that doesn’t sound like his mom. He says well it is how she is now. She tells Noah she understands how he feels but she tells him his mother is going through a lot right now. He points out that she isn’t alone in that. Phyllis assures him that Sharon loves him no matter what she is going through and so does his Dad. She tells him she loves him too as she reassures him he still has all three of them. When he goes upstairs Phyllis opens her laptop and types the word BITCH in dark bold letters.

Jack asks Nick to please tell Noah this is his fault not his mom’s. Sharon asks Jack if she can talk to Nick alone. Nick says he is not buying that about it all being Jack’s fault so he asks her what is going on. She tells him she isn’t in a good place but she will do all she can to help Noah. Nick tells her she needs to start by helping herself. He is now wondering if she can ever handle the job that he just recommended her for. She asks when did he become so judgmental and suggests he take a good look at himself instead. Jack walks back in saying he needs Sharon’s help in the study. She tells him she is all his as she starts walking away from Nick saying Nick knows his way out.

Amber swears to Kevin that she didn’t call anyone. She just knows Daniel and Michael are looking for them. She says they don’t want to punish them, they love them. He asks her who could ever love either of them. She tells him that was a horrible thing to say to her. As she rants on how much they all love him including Jana he tells her she is wrong as he continues to drink.

Nikki tells Murphy he is going to look great in this suit at the wedding. He says it is a nice suit but insists that when this is all over he will pay her back. Katherine notices Murphy and she remarks that she can see this isn’t easy for him. He said he intends to stick around for it all, including suits and shoes and even daughters. He is worried about Jill because he knows Katherine is worried about her.

Brock is with Jill as she comments on the “Duchess” being shacked up in a trailer park. He tells Jill the results should be in soon and they will prove Mother is alive. Jill tells him it is easy for him because he has nothing to lose. She tells him if his blood matches this woman’s blood proving he is Katherine then all that would mean is that she isn’t Katherine’s daughter. He assures her that they are mother and daughter and no test will ever change that. She tells her they will all come together to welcome their mother home. He wants her to have some faith saying there is nothing they can’t survive.

Chloe is on the phone with a friend who is telling her she can’t be there for the wedding because she has a show in Milan. When she hangs up Lily asks her how long she thinks this marriage will last. She wonders how long Billy can keep faking his feelings about her. She says it will all fall apart when they get dragged into court. Chloe tells her she knows she and Cane are hoping she will give in and give her baby to them but she says it isn’t happening because she loves her child.

Cane wants to know why Billy would marry a woman he doesn’t love just to keep him away from this baby. Billy tells him it has nothing to do with him. Cane offers Billy he will give him the CEO position back and whatever else he wants, money, power whatever! He tells Billy he is not trying to buy the baby he is just trying to find an answer here and asks Billy what he wants. Billy tells him all he wants is for him to get the hell out of his house.

Amber keeps telling Kevin he is wrong when he says he is no good. Kevin thinks maybe he just fooled her. She says no way, especially not after what she and he have been through. She tells him he is a beautiful man. He is sweet and kind and gentle and he gave her a job and a place to live when she needed it. She tells him she loves him. Kevin tells her he believes it and then he lies down on her lap to go to sleep. She tells him she is going to take good care of him and she promises not to let anyone hurt him.

Cane goes back to Crimson Lights to meet back up with Lily. He tells her he went to see Billy to try and talk to him by offering him a way out but Billy wouldn’t listen to him. He says Billy is too stubborn to listen.

Billy thinks back to Mac’s kiss and he closes his eyes and thinks about Chloe’s voice. She walks in telling him he is going to love her when he hears about what she did for them today. She tells him she found them a babysitter and she found a dress for the rehearsal dinner tonight. She tells him he needs to changes his shirts. He looks down at the baby and whispers yeah he knows, he knows exactly how she feels as the baby cries.

Nick goes home and is told that Noah is a mess right now. He tells Phyllis so is his mother and he just gave her hell. He says Sharon’s flaky behavior has to stop. He says it is over. When he heads off to read his emails, Phyllis tells herself that it seems like Sharon got read the riot act tonight.

Sharon is ready to leave with the rest of her things so she tells Jack she guesses she will see him later. Jack asks her if she can do one favor for him and that is to attend Billy and Chloe’s rehearsal dinner there tonight. She says she doesn’t know but thanks Jack for protecting her. Jack says he feels responsible with all his bad choices but he asks her to please consider this one last favor unless there is a reason she doesn’t want to be there. Sharon gives in and says ok, she will be there.

Katherine is on the phone and says she will come in as soon as she can. She says the doctor tells says it is Lyme’s disease and Brock was right although she doesn’t remember ever being bitten by a tick. She says the doctor says it can be cured with antibiotics. She hugs Murphy and how great it is that the blood test can change her life. Nikki says the test that Brock has taken will change Katherine’s life even more.

Brock tells Jill he wants to take her to see Katherine. He tells her to accept what she knows to be true in her heart. He says they need to let their love for each other to come first. Jill starts crying saying she can’t. She says she is sorry but she just can’t believe that woman is Katherine not even for him. He hugs Jill telling her that somehow they will get through this together. .

Jan Barrett

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