Gloria doesn’t understand why Michael and Lauren are turning their back on her. He tells her if she doesn’t want to go home to the mansion to go get a room at a hotel. She says she just needs her family tonight. Lauren gives in and says ok but just tonight, not two nights. Gloria confesses to them that she thinks she might be actually falling in love with Jeffery. Michael can’t believe what he is hearing. She says it is true though. She tells Michael that she never met a man that she felt like was equal to her before Jeffery. Michael tells Gloria she has a little more than 9 hours to go there, and then he wants her out. He tells Lauren he has to go out for air and leaves. Lauren tells Gloria her ways of life is no good for her family so she wants her to leave them out of it.

Jeffery goes to Crimson Lights and asks Kevin if he knows where his mother is. Jeffery tells him his mother is falling in love with him and he knows it by the way she kissed him. He tells Kevin to give Gloria a message for him. He wants him to tell her that he wants her in the worst way. Kevin tells Jeffery not to help himself to his coffee. Michael walks in and Jeffery asks him if he knows where his mother is. Michael tells him no, so Jeffery asks them if they see her to tell her he will wait up for her and he leaves.

Michael tells Kevin what Gloria told him and he advises Kevin to stay out of what Gloria is doing if he knows what is good for him. He says they can count him and Lauren out of any more help for her from now on. Kevin tells Michael this could be bad for his Mom so he wants to know how they can help her. Michael says they don’t. He says she sucks the energy out of them. Michael tells Kevin that Gloria always wants to be the center of attention and she never wants to grow up and the sooner he accepts that the better off he will be. Kevin says he admits Gloria can be a little selfish sometimes. Michael says it kills him to see what she is doing to him. Kevin defends Gloria but Michael still argues. He tells him if he stands up for Gloria then he can’t promise him that he will be there to save him.

Later Gloria calls Kevin and asks him to go by the mansion to pick up some things for him but he tells her no. He said he is tired of her using him and then says he has to go and hangs up. Michael comes in after Gloria hangs the phone up and she asks him if he had a nice chat with his brother. Michael says he hopes so. She tells him all she did was ask for one favor and he told her no. She says she guesses that she can no longer depend on her sons help anymore. She tells Michael good bye. He tells her she can still stay the night. She turns around and looks at him saying she could but she won’t and hands him his key to his apartment and then she leaves.

Adam is thinking about his Mother on her birthday. He looks at her picture and tells her Happy Birthday. Then he calls Victor and asks him if he is busy. Victor says he is at his office working. Adam says he needs to talk to him.

Jack and Sharon run into Adam before he leaves the bar. Jack tells him if he ever wants to go somewhere else to work besides at Newman he can always give them a call. When Adam leaves they go back to thinking about Alistair and where could he be. Jack tells Sharon he may as well accept it, he has lost his Father’s house. Jack makes some calls and tells Sharon that Alistair hasn’t shown up anywhere. Jack tells Sharon he is starting to wonder if it is worth it to keep on fighting Gloria. He wonders if they should just give up. As they sit there talking Jack wonders if maybe John did really want Gloria to have the house. John’s ghost shows up and asks Jack what he is waiting for. Jack asks if that is what he really wants but Sharon doesn’t know who he is talking to. Jack decides he is going to just give in and let Gloria have the house.

Adam goes to Newman to talk to Victor. Victor asks him what is on his mind. Adam says his mom, today is her birthday. Victor says yes he knows. Adam asks Victor about his relationship with his Mom. Victor asks him if he is sure. Adam says he wants to know everything, about how they started and how it ended between them. Victor starts by telling him about how he was driving through Kansas. He goes on to say how his life was in turmoil. Adam tells Victor he thinks he is struggling with the fact that his Mom said so many good things about her but he says she was dying and he can’t help but wonder if what all she told him was true.

Victor tells him he will tell him everything but only if he promises to hold judgement on him until he has heard it all. Adam tells him he can’t picture him working the farm. Victor tells him about all he done on the farm and when Victor says he also stocked the pond Adam was surprised. He said he always wondered where those fish came from. Victor tells Adam he married his Mother and then she became pregnant with him. Adam asks him if that is why she left, because he didn’t want him. He says to be truthful because he is his father’s son, he can tell if he lies to him. Victor says he thinks the reason she left was because she never really liked it there. It just wasn’t the same as out at the farm.

Gloria comes home and Jeffery says he knew she would be back. She tells him about what happened earlier. She is about to say something when Jack walks in. Gloria asks him what he wants. He says he came there to give her something. He throws her the keys to the house. He says he is going to sell her his half of the house. She asks what changed his mind. He told her this is no trick, all he wants now is peace. He says she is a wicked woman and that her own family doesn’t even like her.

Jan Barrett

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