Nick and Phyllis walk in just as Jack announces to everyone that Jamie Whitfield likes the changes they made so the new cover for the magazine is a go. Nick asks Jack to talk in Private but Jack says he is a little swamped right now. Nick tells him he can’t make the call this time.

They go to another room and Nick tells him that he is acting just like Victor Newman. Jack admits that it may have looked like he pulled a Victor but he says that when Nick is not at the table someone has to take charge. Nick says OK as long as that is it. He says he is glad they had this time to talk and then maybe next time when he isn’t in the office and makes a decision without him then he should understand too. Jack says he is glad they had this talk to.

Nick and Phyllis and Jack and Sharon all agree on making decisions together. Daniel gets off the phone and makes an announcement. “Hot off the presses, the first issue of Restless Style!”   Everyone claps and cheers. When the first copy comes in their man Mitch says the only thing is that they can’t meet their deadline tonight. Jack tells him to do whatever he has to get them out tonight. He says even if he has to load the magazines himself they have to get them out tonight. Later Jack gets a call from the printers saying that it looks like they are going to make the deadline after all. Suddenly Phyllis’s computer starts making a beeping sound and on the screen it says files not found. She starts to panic telling it not to do this to her.

Victor comes downstairs and finds Sabrina down there in a daze looking at her ring. He offers to take her to Paris so they can have a huge wedding there with all her family and friends. He promises her the wedding of her dreams.

Victoria runs into Sabrina at Crimson Lights. She notices the ring on her finger and comments on the size of the rock. Sabrina tells her that she of all people knows all the relationships she has been in so she would think she would know when one is real and this with her father is real. She tells her that her father is an amazing man.

Nikki and David walk into a shop in Mexico. They are relieved to hear the man is an American that speaks English. David asks him if he can help them. He says their cab seems to have dropped them off at the wrong place. Nikki hands him a paper and tells him they are looking for this wedding chapel that is on the paper. The man says well they are in it. Nikki just looks at David. The man’s wife comes out and tells Nikki and David that the wedding chapel in the pictures burned down not to long ago. She tells them that they would never get anyone else to marry them there on such short notice.

Nikki says she wonders if maybe this is a sign that they shouldn’t be doing this. She says she is in the same clothes they traveled in and she has cat hair all over her and they lost their luggage. David tells her that they can call this off and go home and get married in August. While Nikki is trying to decide the woman comes in with a white wedding dress. Nikki says it is pretty. The woman says they have a lovely garden in the back that would make a beautiful wedding place.

Nikki looks at David and asks what he thinks. He tells her it is her call. She decides to do it and then tells David this news is too good not to share and says she wants to call the kids. She calls Victoria first but Victoria doesn’t take the news too lightly. She hopes Nikki is kidding but she soon realizes she isn’t. She tells Nikki she just wants her to be happy even if it isn’t with her Dad. Nikki says she will be then changes it to that she is happy.

Nikki gets a shower and starts putting her makeup on. She tells the woman the dress fits her like it was made for her. The woman says that is a sign that all this was meant to be and says this wedding will be perfect. When she walks out Nikki thinks back to when she and Victor were married and how happy she was.

Nikki is ready and the music starts to play and Nikki comes out in her wedding dress and smiles at David. She walks towards David and starts to have second thoughts as soon as she hears the song playing. David asks her if something is wrong. She says no she just hasn’t heard that song in a while. . They start the ceremony and David and Nikki are married.

Sabrina goes to Restless Style and asks to see Nick but when she doesn’t see him there she says she will come back later. They all want to see her ring so she shows everyone. When she is about to leave she notices the painting behind Amber’s desk and she asks who painted it. Phyllis says her son. Sabrina is impressed with it and sees a lot of potential in it. She suggests that he goes to art school and offers to give him some references if he would be interested. Nick comes out the room and isn’t very friendly to Sabrina. He assumes his father sent her but she says every time he sees her it won’t be because his father sent her. She says she needs the key to the loading dock so he gives it to her and she leaves.

Victor gets lectured by Katherine about Victoria. He tells her none of this is his fault. He says Nikki started all of this and he is tired of everyone blaming him for it. He says quite frankly he doesn’t give a damn what everyone else is saying anymore. Sabrina later joins them and when Katherine leaves Sabrina tells Victor she likes her.

Katherine comes back with Jill. Jill introduces herself to Sabrina and says maybe they could work together for a charity fund sale. Sabrina and Jill walk off to discuss it when Katherine says she has one more thing to say to Victor. She tells him that he has to come to realize now that he has his future life with Sabrina and Nikki has hers with David. She says she thinks he should know that David and Nikki are getting married today. Victor is surprised and then he says that he should send his condolences.

When Sabrina comes back to the table Victor tells her he will meet her back at the house later, he has something to do. She asks if he is ok when he starts to walk away but he doesn’t answer her. Later when she goes home she is waiting for him when he comes in. He tells her he took Nikki’s horse for a ride. When Sabrina offers to draw him a bath he stops her and pulls her towards her and kisses her.

Jan Barrett

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