Jana is at the ranch ready to go to work with Sabrina. She loves the place. Sabrina tells her what they will be doing for the day when Michael comes in. Sabrina takes Jana into the study. Adam comes downstairs and tells Michael he is sorry he got them into this mess. Victor sits down and asks Michael if he is going to be able to get them out of this mess. Michael thinks he should try to settle with Jabot but Victor is dead set against it. He insists on winning the case. Adam asks for the chance to help by working with Michael on this and later thanks Victor and Michael for this chance.

Jill calls Gloria and tells her this is her boss and she expects her to come into work. She tells her if she wants her job she better show up at work. Gloria tells her she can’t come right now but she can’t go into it with her. Jill says don’t tell her, another family emergency. Gloria says yes that is it, she says it is for Kevin and she is with him right now and she hangs up. Gloria tells Kevin she has a crisis and she needs him and Michael to help her find out who switched her diamonds. She says the ones she has are all fakes.

David gives Nikki a new necklace which she shows off to Victoria at Jabot. Brad notices and as soon as Nikki walks off he tells David that he is pitching a few new things at the meeting today and he hopes he is there onboard. David tells him that depends on what he is pitching. He looks at Brad and tells him it is over, he is paying him off soon and walks away. Later David makes a call instructing someone to make a large withdrawal. Then his bookie calls him with a sure bet and David places a bet on it. Then David gives Brad $10,000 and tells him he will get the rest to him soon.

Paul sees JT at Crimson Lights and they talk about David. He says it is very apparent that David has a real gambling problem. Paul says David’s worse luck is that his third wife is still around to talk. Paul fills JT in on all that he has learned about David and his ex-wives.

Jill and Brad and Heather come into the board room and they think they should settle with Victor in court over the lawsuit with Newman. Heather says it would cost them more than it is worth to take it to court. Jill agrees but Nikki says absolutely not. Victoria says well they know her father, he will take it all the way to the Supreme Court if he has to in order to win. Jill brings it up again at the meeting with Nikki, David, Brad and Victoria. Nikki insists on moving forward and fighting it. Jill accuses her of doing this just to fight Victor. Brad offers to help Nikki if she needs him but David says Nikki is working with legal and she doesn’t need more help and then they say that is all for the day and they walk out. Jill just sits there and tells Brad she knows.

Victoria goes in to talk to Nikki and finds her in a bad mood. She is mad at Jill for accusing her of using that lawsuit as a means of getting even with Victor. Victoria tells her that given her history it does look that way. Victoria isn’t too happy that Nikki and David stuck her working with Brad on the new project but she tells Nikki it is for the good of Jabot so she will do it. Later on in the board room Jill asks to speak to Nikki. She apologizes for what she said to her earlier but she tells Nikki she will always have this over her head until she lets it go herself.

Michael and Adam go to Crimson Lights and Michael sees Alistair working there. He asks Kevin if he is crazy. He says that Gloria needed help so she put Alistair to work. He tells Gloria that he is there for business and she only has two minutes of his time. Kevin hurries and tells him that Gloria’s diamonds are fake. He tells Gloria then she is screwed.

Sabrina does some phone bidding for a piece of art that cost Victor over $14 million. Sabrina is very excited about it and Jana almost faints as Sabrina is making the bids. After they win the bid Victor hugs Sabrina and she tells him they will celebrate later when they are alone. When they are alone Victor talks to Sabrina about a wedding date and then he brings up a honeymoon. He says he doesn’t want to wait on a honeymoon. He wants to know what kind of a wedding she wants to have. She tells him she honestly doesn’t care as long as she has him. She says he is all she wants.

Back at the table with Adam Michael asks Adam if he really wants to help or is he just trying to make amends with his father. Adam says he really wants to help. Michael keeps getting text messages from Gloria who is still standing right there in the next room. He tells Adam to just kill him and get him out of his misery. Adam asks if she is getting to him. Michael says more and more every day. Adam tells Michael that he will miss her if she was gone though.

Jan Barrett

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