PIG First, they dumped the Friendlies (HERE) because some professor thought someone might read it as “friend lies”. Then, the government gave serious thought to extinguishing the dragon (HERE) as a national symbol because it looked too fierce. NOW, they want to bans pig from Year of the Pig TV advertisements!!! The move, apparently, was made by a party propaganda official Li Changchun who is probably related to the moron who trashed the friendlies. The move is meant to avoid offending China’s 21 million member Muslim population. Seems odd doesn’t it? Jail ’em, register and appoint their clergy for them, but don’t tease them with p-o-r-k forbidden to them by Islamic law. Chinese Zodiac So, how are the Buddhists, who think that the animals were chosen after Buddha himself summoned them all to a meeting in which he would designate the first 12 animals as rep’s, going to feel? This has big implications: You are going to have to muzzle the dog as the government has now outlawed eating dog to improve China’s culinary image prior to the Olympics; and of course the donkey will have to go to keep from offending politicos from the States; the chicken will remain roosted to deflect criticism for the prostitution trade here as women “sex care providers” are called Chickens and the men are called Duck; the snake will get caged for reminding Christians of original sin and the Ox will head for a Hindi barn…. Maybe they could use fruit (don’t EVEN go there…) or vegetables…. Thanks to the Humanaught for this one….

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