Think about it. You want to BBQ and the darn insects are in your way. Some fly, some crawl, but all are a pest. Ants get in your potato salad, and icky skeeters are hell bent on sampling your blood.

About the only place the critter fear is the BBQ. Heat and bugs never seem to get along well. There are countless products that claim to repel bugs, sprays, lotions, and even magical chants. But the bottom line is that none of them really work. A hungry bug will find you and sample your blood.

What is the solution? One company has the answer. A scorched earth and scorched air policy.


I am pretty sure that the MX42 is going to become the ‘must have’ camping accessory in the very near future. Hand held, and requiring nothing more than regular gas, ethanol included, This fun and friendly camping adjunct should be on everyones shopping list. With a range of almost 60 feet, running on regular gas,  it is only a matter of time before someone winds up in jail

It may indeed be the successor to all of those sprays. According to the web site it is:

“fun device to enjoy with friends” and ideal for “clearing snow and ice, eliminating weeds, insect control, pyrotechnic event displays and bonfire starting”.

The Youtube video is here:

And you can find the webpage for the XM42 here. Yup, this is top of my list for must have items.

I wonder how the TSA screener might view it? I doubt that it would be allowed as carry on!

Simon Barrett

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