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It appears now that the pressure is getting to House Speaker Dennis Hastert and those who are standing up for him (“I’ve known Dennis Hastert for 20 years and I know he would never . . . etc, etc.”) are getting fewer and fewer.

Now, with the revelation in   an AP story, that Kirk Fordham, a former Foley Chief of Staff, had, in his own words:

“more than one conversation with senior staff at the highest level of the House of Representatives asking them to intervene”

It certainly appears that, in spite of the fact no one claims to have told anything to Hastert himself, until recently, about Foley’s aberrant behavior, the Speaker will be stepping down soon.

This morning the cable news mentioned that Hastert is now confirming that speculation, saying that he will step down if it will help the Republican Party in the next election.

It seems like a bad assumption that Hastert leaving his position as Speaker will have a positive impact for Republicans in the November elections. I would say that his stepping down will be assumed as an admission of guilt and will just bolster the Democrat’s case that the entire Republican majority is corrupt.

Clear thinking voters, however, shouldn’t care one way or the other. A clear thinking voter will realize that there is MUCH corruption in the halls of Congress, on both sides of the “isle,” and realize that we had better start, right now being very careful about who is elected in November. We need people in Congress with great and ‘squeaky clean’ local reputations — people who’s campaigns are based on solid ideas, not based on smearing the opposition. Party affiliations should NOT be the criterion for anyone’s vote in November.

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