I’ve mentioned things John McCain can do between now and the end of April with regards to the environment and health care. There is something else that is actually something his campaign already does well, and that’s web videos. He has one out right now called “Man in the Arena” that is scoring mad kudos around the right leaning blogosphere. What he needs to do is start a weekly weblog, a “Fireside Chat of the 21st Century” if you will.

For starters, the more effectively McCain utilizes the internet the more it could help bridge the “age gap” between him and his likely opponents. A weekly video would help build a web audience, give supporters something to look forward to, and keep them coming back to his various networking sites on a regular basis. It could also help him promote new ideas and positions that might normally get ignored by the “fair and balanced” mainstream media (that isn’t at all in the tank for Sen. Obama).

Like this for example. Here’s something McCain said yesterday on trade that I accidentally found looking for a different article:

McCain said promoting green technologies would help the U.S. economy rebound from manufacturing job losses…”We’re in an informational-technological revolution and they need trained and educated workers. That is vital to giving Americans another chance.” He said he intended to use junior colleges to lead the way in retraining displaced workers for new technology jobs. “As president, my highest priority will be to provide the educational and training programs so those who have lost their job can come and apply for a job here.”

The Democrats like to resort to fear mongering when it comes to jobs, keeping workers down as victims of the evil corporations (acting all evil and corporationy) and want them to believe that the D’s are going to bring the jobs back, even though anyone with half a brain knows that they’re not going to. But look at John McCain here. Instead of holding the workers down and treating them like victims, he wants to encourage them and work with them towards new training and education measures, so that these displaced workers can find other (and more lucrative) jobs. He even threw in something aboot the environment for good measure.

How often to you ever hear Republicans talking aboot issues like this? Imagine if instead of it being buried in some random article on trade, it was the focal point of a viral video that finds it way to every political blog on the internet? Such a video would promote whatever the McCain message du joir is, introduce potential voters to domestic issues you don’t normally associate with him, and makes it harder for liberal special interest groups like the AFL-CIO to paint Sen. McCain as being “anti-worker.”

All it takes is a digital camera, a You Tube account, and fifteen minutes a week. I’m sure Sen. McCain can find all three.

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