A study conducted by University of Washington, says that global warming could lead to an explosion in the population of bugs, which thrives in warmer climatic conditions. Many insect species including bugs will reach sexual maturity a lot earlier in a hotter world and can reproduce faster and more efficiently. This could lead to an explosion in their populations with dire effects on our ecosystem. Melanie Frazier, a doctoral student and the lead author of this study, said that an increase in the population of insects can have far reaching consequences on our society, as agriculture would be decimated and human health would be at stake, since a lot of disease vectors are insects.

The findings of this study supports many recent studies, which have found that outbreak of infectious diseases is directly linked to global warming, as many insect vectors are thriving in a warmer world. Dr. Paul Epstein, associate director of the Center for Health and the Global Environment at Harvard Medical School said that insect vectors are more virulent and reproduce and mature faster at warm temperatures. He has documented outbreaks of malaria and dengue in many regions in Africa, Asia and Latin America, which were previously free from the disease, coinciding with melting glaciers and migrating plant species (indicators of climate change).

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