The clash has already begun, it takes place in hundreds of chat rooms, in TV shows, in thousands of websites in Cyber spaces,  in newspaper columns, in school debates, workplaces, every where the clash has begun in the form of an itch.
There are more than 60,000 books written in the West alone between 1800 to 1950 against Islam, plus there are thousands of websites spitting venom against Islamic culture, which is brain washing the minds of Christians.So the clash which seems to be far can be very close and we may choose to remain ignorant rather than unaware.

The clash of the civilsations is not a myth but a relaity that is taking shape in the minds of the people through discussions, news, books missionaries and ofcourse because of the oil. Though the West is allowing many of its civilians to accept Islam, Christianity does not grow in the Muslim countries,resutling a frustration in the ranks of the missionaries who collect millions of dollars from the rich Christians in the name of spreading the message of Christ.

Samuel Huntington in his book The clash of the civilisations mentions on page 51″ the west won the world by organised violence ” Even today the West is trying to maintain its dominancy over the world through organised violence. This organised violence is in many ways. The rise of Mujahideen in Afghan agaisnt the USSR was a proxy war that the US fought, putting the guns on the shoulders of moutanious Afghans.It was planned, sponsered and excuted in the Pentagon

Those who blame only the Islamists for the decaying of peace , should also blame the Pope and the missoinaries too for their big contribution in disturbing peace, in fact they have played catalysts. Inciting crime is as bad as taking part in crime. There is a tribe of people like Pat Robertson and Jerry Fallwell who go to the Tv shows and spit venom against Islam, thus promoting Islamic retaliation.

And there is a prophecy of “Armagaeddon” in the books of Christians, and a “Mother of all Battles” in the Muslim books,in which there is the mentioning of anti Christ, and a big war between Christians and non Christians. Some missionaires have been telling that Prophet Muhammed, is this Anti Christ,indicating that the Christians must mentally prepare for a war that is approaching the world faster.

Wishing for peace is one thing but, the threat is for real and not a myth.

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