I recently published an article about my intentions of discussing the Witness Protection Program. My knowledge of the Program was very much based on information that I had read in books, and of course what I had watched in Hollywood’s treatment of the subject.

Several months ago I had an interesting conversation with ‘Hole In The Wall Gang’ Las Vegas mobster Frank Cullotta. The subject of becoming a Government Witness was mentioned, however it was not the focus of our discussion. The subject of the Witness Protection Program has been rattling around my head ever since.

Not long ago the subject once more cropped up. I started talking to another person that had been part of the Witness Protection Program. Andrew DiDonato was part of the Gambino crime family, he ‘rolled’ in 1997, not only had Andrew DiDonato been on the run from the authorities for 17 months, but now he also found that the Gambino family had put a price on his head.

The Witness Protection Program is not something that there is a great deal of information about. That is for good reason. The last thing in the world that the authorities want is for the details and locations to be plastered all over the National Inquirer.

I have talked to Andrew DiDonato many times over the past few weeks. Bit by bit he opened up about the Witness Protection Program. He was always very careful to not to talk specifics, no names, no places, no comebacks.

After a period of time Andrew opted out of the Witness Program, I do know that he does still have an alternate ID that he can revert to should needs occur. I do not know what that ID is, I have not asked, and if I did ask, I would not expect an answer.

Although Andrew has once more resumed his life he is still very cognizant that someone from his past might want to come calling. I witnessed a good example of this a couple of days ago, I wanted to ask Andrew a question, but could not find his number, so I resorted to email. Andrew called a couple of hours later, I asked for the number, my wife motioned to me that she had it on caller id. Meanwhile Andrew was telling me that the number he was calling from would be inactive in an hour or so. He would send me a new number as soon as it was active.

Today we talked at length, and I pointed out that while I did not know his address, I had a pretty good idea of his location. His response was, “I’m moving in two days, I don’t like to spend too much time in one place”.

Over the past few weeks I have received several overnight deliveries from Andrew, never once did the package have his name on it. Some might think that he is playing a game. This is no game, almost certainly there is someone who would like to take a swipe at Andrew, either for money or prestige.

I talked with Andrew DiDonato a couple of hours ago, and he has given his permission for me to release todays conversation.

This is an inside look into a world that very few people have been exposed to.

Andrew DiDonato talks about the Witness Protection program.

Simon Barrett

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