Last week saw an interesting and eclectic selection of DVD’s enter my domain. This is just a small taste.

Let me start by asking a question. What do Ringo Starr (yes that one), Dustin Hoffman and Harry Nilsson have in common?

The answer is that at first sight not very much. The story goes all the way back to 1971, yup 40 years ago! This unlikely trio joined forces on an animation project The Point. Harry Nilsson is probably best well known for the 1972 smash hit Without You.

The Point went out of ‘print’ for many years, but it is back. Ringo is the narrator, and Dustin Hoffman is the voice behind one of the characters. This is a delightful children’s DVD and one that is bound to entertain the third or fourth generation since the original release. More information can be found here. I did some digging around, and found this delightful video of the first part of The Point.

At the other end of the ‘entertainment rainbow’ is House Of Flesh Mannequins. This is a fine example of the indie movie maker at work. My recommendation is that you should be careful not to confuse the wrapping and labeling of The Point and House Of Flesh Mannequins. It could lead to a disaster on Christmas morning.

For sports fans there is Ali – The Man, The Moves, The Mouth. I have to admit that I am not a boxing fan but there is just something about the story of Cassius Clay AKA Muhammad Ali that just draws you in. I do not like some of the publicity stunts involving the now very old and fragile man that have been staged in recent years. Boxers come and go, but Ali was cut from a different cloth. He matched physical skill with a razor sharp tongue.

Also in the sports genre (if you view golf a sport) is Through The Eyes Of A Caddy. Golf stories tend to focus on the guy wielding the stick, rather than the guy carrying the bag of sticks. With 50 years of stick carrying experience, Carl Jackson takes us behind the scenes. One thing is clear, a Caddy does far more than just carry the bats and balls!

Simon Barrett

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