The Waters of Andros
by Madsen Pirie

Hot on the heals of his first two novels; comes his third that is set on the planet of Andros. Andros is a water-centric planet with few land resources and an economy that is dependent on the sea. The planet affords its natives with a fairly fast recovery rate and some degree of self-healing. This is lucky for Mikhail the main character as he gets into his fair share of scrapes in this 142 page book.

For an adult this book is a page-turner and one that will probably read in one sitting. Its short but pacey enough to keep a younger reader going as well.

Now from the sea and ecosystem theme you might be lulled into thinking this is a caring and sharing envirosocialist morality allegory for earth and climate change. Its not, but I won’t tell you how lest I ruin the tale. Lets just say that assumptions of the guilty would prove to be wrong.

There is something going distinctly wrong in the sea causing animals all over the planet to go a bit nuts and lash out at anything. Add to this the annual sea dinosaur race festival and you know things are gonna get hairy.

As with Madsen’s past two novels the book is well written and there is great attention to detail. Unlike the last Rowling effort there is no sign of grammar or spelling mistakes, surely a must for a book aimed at the young adult. Unlike the latest Harry Potter it doesn’t plod along in the middle either.

My favourite of three books remains the same; but it is good to see that Madsen is able to write in three different genres with equal ability and quality. Clearly a purchase of all three books for the young reader in your life would be a good tip for this Christmas.

You will find it hard to find three better written books in the young adult market.

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