see “Senate OKs deadline in war funding” (Washington Times, 4/27/07)

I haven’t written a lot about the House and Senate passing war funding bills which include timetables for withdrawal, mostly because everybody is writing and talking about it.

But there is one particular point I’d like to make: ANY president would veto this bill, no matter whether the war were going well or poorly, no matter whether the majority in Congress were his own party or the opposition.

Whatever you think of when the US should begin to draw down troop levels in Iraq, this bill is a direct assault on the Commander-in-Chief’s clear right to make such decisions. Congress does have the right to refuse to fund the war, and if the Democrats really want to put their money where their mouths are, that is the proper avenue for them to go down.

But, a bill which would set a precedent for Congress to be able to manage, or micro-manage, the actual execution, strategy, and tactics of a war is intolerable and probably unconstitutional.

Even if the Democrats were right that we should set a timetable for withdrawal, this bill must be vetoed by President Bush just as a Democrat President would certainly veto the bill as an unacceptable incursion into Executive authority.

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