One reason that Walter Cronkite was the most trusted man on television for twenty years is that his voice was low toned and low key, and his personality was that of a trusted uncle. The closest thing to this since that time is actually Brit Hume.  Neurotic Rather, Perky Katie, and all the other faceless newscasters didn’t have Uncle Walter’s combination of pleasant voice, calm persona, and a personality that came across the airways to make you trust in what they said.
Nixon didn’t have it. When he got on the Television, you didn’t listen to what he said, you just cringed and thought “Tricky Dicky”.

Clinton had it. You knew he was as corrupt as the day was long, but when he got up and talked, he could talk the roses into blooming in the winter.

Half of the Bush’s problems (both 41 and 43) is that they don’t have it. The father comes off as an uncaring professor, and the son as a smirking frat boy. The Bush Derangement syndrome is not because of the Iraq war, it’s that smirk…
And Gore comes across as a stuffy preacher who makes you keep checking your watch and wondering what’s for supper.
So what are the prospects for 2008?

Now, you have to remember that I live in the Philippines, so we don’t get the SU presidential debates etc. here. THANK GOD. We’re too busy rehashing the “hello garci” and the broadband scandals on our talk shows.

But what I see of Hillary Clinton comes off as a shrewish teacher, especially when she gets going. Yes, all of her positions are calculated to please, but her personality is not pleasing and her voice is not low and soft, but high and shrill…
Eight years of ladylike Condi Rice I could take. Eight years of holier than thou Hillary, even I couldn’t take.

Ditto for Rudy. Now, I love Rudi. He made it possible for me to visit NYCity and ride the subways. But eight years of a smart mouthed Italian boy  like those that I grew up with? Eight years of Tony Soprano jokes? No, not likely.

Romney? A gentleman…but bland.

McCain? Alas, too reasonable for the fringe to back.

Ron Paul? Sorry. His contrarian analysis reminds me of Jimmy Carter telling us: The country is going to hell, and YOU are at fault. Well, that type of attitude got Jimmy Carter kicked out of office.
John Edwards? Too pretty.

Obama? The new JFK…charming and with charisma…and like JFK, immature and inexperienced. The Berlin wall and the Cuban missile crisis would never have occurred with a more experienced president in the 1960’s…maybe if he grows up…
So that leaves Fred Thompson. And after a months and months of shrill electional rhetoric, flip flops, campaign rhetoric, and talking heads analyzing the  man, that smooth Southern voice will sound good.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. Her website is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket. 

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