You have survived the insanity of Christmas and New Year’s, you are back to work, and likely still nursing a hangover from over indulgence. January for many is a Blah month. Worse than that, it is a month of regret. Regret over the credit card bill that you know is headed to a mail box near you, regret over those extra portions of the oh so good food, and regret over that rash New Years Resolution. The good news though is that scientific studies have shown that almost all New Years resolutions are forgotten by February. Who wants six pack Abs when you can have a six pack in the refrigerator? Why walk those six blocks to the store and wear your shoe leather out, when you can drive? Who needs a weight training machine in the basement when there is a Fast Food place just a block away?

This week I will be joined by my evil co-conspirators Mannie Barling and Ashley F. Brooks for 90 minutes of madness and mayhem looking at all of the news that is totally unfit to print!

Take a break from the January depression, snow, and credit card debt, instead let us entertain you with the best news stories out there.

Some of the stories that we will be covering are:

The Victoria’s Secret bra heist. What woman would not love to have a Vic Secrets bra under the Christmas tree? But 153 seem a little over the top!

The 2010 Liar Of The Year. This was a hotly debated award. Personally I would have chosen a couple of lawyers that I know in Florida. I was firmly convinced that Jose Baez (Casey Anthony) was a shoe in for this one, but I was was wrong.

The dangers of stealing copper. Scrap copper prices are very high, but so are the potential risks.

The TV is awash with dog training reality programs, we have found the absolute best! For a very reasonable amount you can rent a heard of sheep! Rover will have hours of fun chasing the critters around. In fact once Rover gets the hang of the deal, take him to the local Wal Mart, he could round up all those pesky people in front of you at the checkout (Pit Bull recommended for this application, lap dogs need not apply).

These are just the tip of the iceberg, we have many other news stories to cover. Take a break from the Blah and listen in to this weeks broadcast at 10am pacific, 1pm eastern on Jan 4/2011. The listen live link is here.

Simon Barrett

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