The Vikings

After the discovery ‘cultivation the player is invited to the meet the Vikings. The story line is that they are harmless travelers that just need a little help.

The Vikings are not as harmless as they seem. I am sure that most people, myself included thought that they were a simple diversion. Coins, goods, people and diplomacy need to be kept in balance to grow the community.

The major rewards are medals, a few goods, and a few Forge Points. The Vikings need to be treated with respect, it is important to get your first encounter with them correct and on time. Success reaps some lasting rewards in the world that you play in.

The problem with the vikings is each time you start a new community, success becomes harder to achieve. This is true even if you create new worlds. I am on V5.0 and see no path to finishing, never mind a Bonus.

My tip is– Axe’s are king. As soon as you can get two Axe Smith’s and run them hard, at least 2 8 hour productions per day.

Rewards – I have 2 Viking adventures currently on the go, the one in the Early Middle Ages promises 20 Forge Points and 200 medals. The beast I am wrangling in the Late Middle ages paid 700 medals

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