All the news is about Global Warming.

The hysteria is so great even the Pope put his two cents in and said: calm down. He gave a nuanced essay on hysteria versus science, and stressed the need to protect the environment and to help those most burdened by globalization, but never mind, the Wonkette still calls him a Nazi. So much fun to diss Catholics, isn’t it? Never mind reading what he actually said, my dear lady, you might get a crick in your cortex.
One can guage the amount of hype by the number of Hollywood movie stars who flew jets to claim their huge houses are all carbon neutral. Uma Thurmond was even willing not to leave her cellphone in the charger overnight, a practice that wastes electricity. What a sacrifice! Last year, undernourished Malawian orphans. This year, limiting cellphone charging.

Here in Asia, you get a lot of propaganda, such as this headline: Top 11 warmest years have occurred in the last 13 years.

Well, part of that was a clerical error, but even if it was true, one has to remember that there was little scientific data on the weather more than 150 years ago. Oh, the British Navy kept tabs on it, as did Brigham Young in Salt Lake City, but there was a distinct lack of weather data coming from Ulan Battar, Cabanatuan, or even Butte Montana.

But, of course, Bali is mostly about bashing the US for not agreeing to let a lot of other people tell her how to run her own economy.

The US is evil, you know, and Algore is feeling the love for telling people what’s wrong with the US. Never mind that most of Europe (which signed Kyoto) isn’t meeting their agreement to cut carbon emissions, and let’s completely ignore methane, volcanoes, and other natural sources of climate change.

I agree with the Pope: Yes, care for the environment, and yes limit your excesses, but let’s not overdo it.

A lot of the hype and hysteria is about signing papers to agree with the agenda, and making a large UN bureaucracy, not about how to best go about solving the problems of pollution. If it was about solving problems, it would be full of scientists from large corporations who do such things for a living, not people of leisure from NGO’s whose main occupation (aside from telling all of us how to live) is attending conferences.

But the world is getting warmer, isn’t it? WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING….

Well, yes, but warmer than what? The little Ice age of 1500? Or the big ice age of 10,000 BC?

There are other ways to check the weather that can indeed measure longer than 150 years. That’s why I laughed that while reading the Norway Aftenpost on the Nobel Peace Prize party, I noticed this story:

Viking Age Temperatures

Ten-year-old ice core samples from Lomonosovfonna, and snow samples from 2000 and 2001 show record high temperatures, the Norwegian Polar Institute said in a press release.

“By comparing the composition in the ice core with snow on the glacier we have found comparably warm summers have not occurred since the 1200s, the end of the Viking era,” said glaciologist Elisabeth Isaksson.

Back then, the weather was so warm the ice sheets melted, just like we are told they are melting today. And the result?

The Viking age was far warmer than the ensuing centuries, and it was precisely the high temperatures then, and the resulting lack of sea ice that made it possible for the Vikings to sail to Greenland and North America.

AGGGH. The last time that happened, the Vikings pillaged and ravaged countries from Ireland to southern Russia.

Get your guns! Hide your daughters!

The Vikings are coming the vikings are coming!

well, maybe this time, not the Vikings but the carbon neutral policemen, coming to a town near you, instructing you to stop using plastic bags, sterilize your daughters, change your lightbulbs, and insist that you walk to work.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. Her webpage is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket.

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