Earlier today I received an email from an author, my review copy of his book has been delayed because of a typo. He also asked if I would have downgraded my review because of the typo. I chuckled and told him that I don’t care about a few typos.

That got me thinking about typos and suddenly a name popped into my mind, Adam Dumphy. The story began in 2011, a press release introduced me to the world of Adam Dumphy.

I won’t re-invent the wheel. These are the articles about the man

The Search

Unmasking the rascal

The Book

We say goodbye to an amazing man

Adam has 21 books published, one every few months for less than ten years. He had lost his wife Irene in 2003, that event left him devastated. The retired Doctor took to the computer keyboard and just started churning out books. Spelling and grammar were unimportant, it was only the story that mattered.

I had to admit that I had to agree with him. At 87 years old he could do whatever he wanted with the english language and I agreed with him.

He died in 2012, I was sad, in some strange way we had become friends. I liked the old curmudgeon, an email in my inbox was always a fun adventure. The email that I did not want to read came from his son in law telling me that Adam had passed on. He also said something that has stayed with me. “Dad liked you, you gave him hope”.

So to all you authors out there, it is the story that matters not the ‘fluffy stuff’. I do hope you will read the articles, and enjoy them

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