A new wedding trend has caught on among couples getting married. Now, instead of large, fancy weddings at home, they tend to scale back on the guest list and pour their budget into getting married at a vacation destination. However, guests are finding it a large inconvenience to attend such weddings, as much as they want to go. These weddings can be expensive for guests and way too expensive for many marrying couples to pick up the tab for every guest that attends.

It also takes a lot of planning to get everyone and everything coordinated to go away. Websites such as TheKnot.com suggest giving guests at least three or four months to prepare for the trip. Those who can’t afford to go away should not give this as a reason for not showing up, but they should give some legitimate excuse. Once there, destination weddings tend to involve a weekend’s worth of events, including welcome parties, cocktail parties, and bridal parties. Guests need to let the bride or groom know which events they will be attending. Children can be a problem too. If they are invited, parents need to know which festivities their children can attend and how they can get adequate childcare for those events that they cannot attend.

Also, after all of the costs of getting to and staying at these destination weddings, guests are stumped as to whether or not they should bring a gift. In this case, the wedding websites suggest that they should either buy something small, around $30.00 in price or pitch in for a group gift. In the end, it is the guests who take the hardest hit in terms of paying for the wedding.

Marrying couples should consider what they want to get out of their wedding before they plan a destination wedding. Depending on where they go and what they do, a destination wedding can cost more or less than a wedding at home. Unless they’re millionaires, they should plan on keeping a destination wedding small. Also, those who aren’t thrilled with the hassle of planning a wedding would be attracted to the idea of just going away. This idea is especially appealing to people entering a second marriage who want to try something different.

Couples also have to worry about whether or not getting married in a foreign country will have their marriage recognized when they return home. They have to research into costs and fees, paperwork, blood tests required, proof if someone is divorced or widowed, or how long one has to be in the country before a marriage can be performed. In the end, there are a lot of problems associated with the notion of getting married away from home. If it is well planned and affordable for most of the people involved, however, it may be what the marrying couple had hoped for.

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