A bunch of German Islamicist terrorists were planning to strike “sluts”at discos, civilians at airports, and other targets before September 15.

The suspects have been under surveillance by the German Federal police for at least two years, but not arrested….until local cops stopped the guys because they were driving with their headlights on “high”, and when the local cops checked their I.D.’s, the cops discovered the men were on a federal watch list.

The police launched the raid on Tuesday after two local traffic police officers unaware of the investigation stopped two of the suspects in a routine traffic control because their car had its headlights on full beam.

“Oh, they’re on the federal police list,” said one of the officers after running the names through a police computer in comments that were overheard by the suspects and federal police who had bugged the car.

Translation: like the terrorists of 9-11, the suspects had been detected by local cops, but the superior federal police and the intelligence service preferred to continue to watch them….and watch them….and watch them…

So it was local cops in South Carolina who stopped a speeding car and noticed one of the men was busy using a laptop who then searched the car and found pipe bomb materials. Yet was no Federal agency worried when students from a Southern Florida University whose Islamacist connection was know to all who watch Bill O’Reilly bought bomb making material and headed to a US Naval base holding terror suspects, it was not the FBI who picked them up, but a local cop….even though one of the Egyptian students was a known terrorist in Egypt: for teaching others to make explosives and bombs.

And it was a lowly grandmother at a border outpost that stopped the milleneum bomber from entering the US and bombing the LA New Year’s celebration.

And the LATimes  story of a Baghdad homicide bomber who had once lived in California, they had a single paragraph noting that when he tried to reenter the US he was stopped by a lowly homeland security/immigration clerk.

These stories pop up over and over again: Local cops pick up a person for a minor crime and then discover they entered the country illegally or that they have terror connections. Or airplane passengers complain about suspicious behavior, or (more recently) men are found snooping into closed areas on ferries, and then the story disappears into a black hole.. or the people are released for lack of evidence

There is a lot of complaining about racial profiling, but it seems the arrests are more the work of ordinary cops working on behavioral clues. For example, the milleneum bomber was caught not because of his ethnic group, but because he was nervous and sweating, and the border guard thought he was a drug smuggler. Similarly, the students in South Carolina were caught for speeding, and then their car was searched because the cops notice them closing an open computer, and one suspects the cops were looking for drug mules rather than terrorists.

The worrisome part in all this is not that these murderers were stopped by local cops acting on suspicious behavior, but that they were not stopped by the feds, and in the German’s case, the article suggests that their arrest was only done at that time because the local cop “blew” the investigation…

Without that watchful policeman, the German Federal Police probably would have watched the suspects until they managed to kill a couple hundred innocent Germans.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. Her website is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket 

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