Many political headlines, starting this past Friday, had a similar theme:

“The Religious Left” screamed the Dallas Morning News; The Kansas City Star reports that “Democratic candidates are closing the ‘God gap’ “ and the New York Times hit the nail on the head with their headline: “A Tentative First Step in Bridging the Gap Between Faith and Politics.” The tones of these articles and many others were positive, as if the Democrats have found the Republican secret to success and are now exploiting it.

The real news is that the Democratic party seem to be on the road to making the same mistake that the Republicans made; the Republicans joined forces with religious right activists and totally destroyed the Republican party’s credibility with millions of voters who keep their religion ‘at home’ and don’t want to be preached to by a president, senator or representative.

Many Republicans are now starting to realize their mistake — the mistake that started when the Republican Party’s ‘face’ became the same ‘face’ as the Moral Majority — a face that led to a successful run and allowed the Republican party to dominate the House, Senate and the Presidency but a face that, ultimately turned ugly and showed its lack of understanding of common American values.

Yes, Americans are proud to be the “good guys” and a powerful force in the world but most Americans, understandably, reject a policy, dictated from a ‘presidential pulpit,’ that puts our government in the position of moral arbiter for the world and/or send our troops into battle against cruel and inhuman dictators only because they are cruel and inhuman. There is a line to be drawn between keeping America safe and saving the world from itself — one is the job of the president and the other is the job of the United Nations. If the United Nations isn’t doing its job to our president’s satisfaction, the American people don’t want to see our president jeopardize American lives because he ‘talked to God and God told him it was the right thing to do.

Good luck to the Democrats in their public relations stunt, designed to get more Christian votes, but if they are successful in 2008 they will also, hopefully be smart enough to keep their newly-found moral principles close to their homes and away from their workplace. Our Government needs to be run on an intelligent, common sense basis — while religion has many answers for the individual, it has very few answers for strong government.


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