The newest media hype on the Tuberculosis  traveler, has its focus on the Center for Disease control. The patient is interviewed over and over, he is now not just a patient,  but a “Victim” The insinuation being made, that there was an error or an over reaction From the CDC.

The small print barely points out that either one of the two – argued medical assessments, would result in the same travel restrictions. Completely missing from the latest print and interview media reports, is the fact that the patient’s father-in-law is a CDC tuberculosis researcher, who is now under investigation for failing to cooperate in the initial handling of the matter. That is one large question mark that should be a  footnote on every interview or article which now throws the blame on the CDC for this careless globetrotter’s antics. Also omitted from later reports, is the circuitous route the patient took in returning to the United States, in order to avoid public officials. A caring innocent traveler, this guy is not.

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