The True Story of the Bilderberg Group
by Daniel Estulin

The title says so much and so little about this book. Much of its contents can be gleamed from other sources and much of the grainy photography seems to bare little resemblance to the actual contents of the text. They seem to imply that powerful men & women know each other and are seen in public shaking hands. Other photos depict groupings of the rich and powerful guarded by armed security. I am still wondering what exactly the big deal is about this? Does the author not understand about the threat of terrorism? Would be have the same gripe about security guards outside a nightclub full of a-listers?

I found this book quite amusing to read. He makes giant leaps of faith, repeats the same thing over and over again; all the time while wearing his considerable prejudices on his sleeve. Just to stress his point; there are interludes where he meets with people who either claim to working for the group (and threatening him natch) or who have worked with them. Despite all these “threats” the book has been published in 24 languages and is easily available. If “they” are truly trying to shut the guy up they are pretty incompetent about it. Which considering the things he is routinely accuses them off seems unlikely indeed. This one of the many contradictions in this book. Space permits me from pointing all of them out.

It is clear the author hates the British monarchy (and monarchy in general), England, Americans, capitalists, “think-tanks”, privatisation, globalisation, regulation culling and doesn’t believe that Britain has the right to defend its citizens in the middle of the South Atlantic. The author is Spaniard now living in Canada; so he is paranoid about NAFTA as well.

In a nutshell the author has taken every paranoid rant that is normally directed at Jews, he barely mentions them thankfully, and directs them at the “secretive” Bilderbergs. Of course he claims that both the Bilderberg Group and the Council on Foreign Relations are secretive groupings despite we happen to know all their attendees, where their meetings are held and who they favour. So they are the most powerful people on the planet, but completely unable to keep themselves secret. Hrm, yes alright. Every thing that has happened since their foundation in the 50s, good or ill, is somehow perpetrated by this lot. The expression “grasping at straws” come to mind quite often.

Oh yes and he fails to mention one of the biggest conspiracies that exist on the planet. You know the threat of Islamists who want to establish a global caliphate? The ones who frequently tell us their plans and how they will use “all means necessary” to achieve it. On this not a peep; saving a minor quip about the Bilderberg lot wanting Turkey in the EU so they can destabilise Europe. Like Europe is some how not unstable anyway?

This book is however a great resource for anyone who write novels or wants to run a good conspiracy related scenario in an RPG. It has all kind of documents and hints of nefarious activity from everyone. I spent much of my time reading this book snickering to myself in amusement. Farcical in extremis; but nonetheless enjoyable.

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