Terrible feelings of Outrage.  Embarrassment.  Fear.  This Tyee article incites these emotions about our Government.  Since when is Google considered to be reliable enough of a tool for Homeland Security to use as a device to determine entrance eligibility into a country? Is all of the information it provides truly that dependable?
Oh wait. My bad. I forgot that the U.S. has been descending a spiral into madness. No, scratch that. Mind-boggling idiocy.
The article says basically that we have gone beyond a state of surveillance, beyond a state of paranoia, we have actual thought police. “These are your ideas? These are your thoughts? No U.S.A. for you.” The words weren’t even threatening in any manner, this was simply a recollection of a memory, not guns, bombs, and blood. 
Forget the fact that the specific Google article it brought up (and the one for which he was barred from the U.S.) was about this psychotherapist’s acid trip in the 60’s and his beliefs that hallucinogenic drugs could have therapeutic uses.  Who is to say illegal drugs have no medicinal uses? After all, our fair President recently stated that Politicians shouldn’t be trying to make the decisions of Generals. Therefore it should follow that Politicians and Presidents shouldn’t be trying to make medical decisions that Doctors and Patients should be making.

There are far more intellectuals besides Andre Feldmar barred from ever entering our country simply because of the thoughts, ideas, and beliefs they hold.  If our Government is so concerned with education, peace, and living as one big happy global family, why are we stopping professors and human rights leaders from coming here?

Thank Dog I never write under my legal name and nothing I ever write will pop up in an internet search when its entered.

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