The term “witch doctor” not so recent,Yahya Jammeh spits he does not speak.

By Hammadi Maasina, Staff Writer.
Our good old friend Yahya A J J Jammeh needs some lesson on the term that infuriated him so much. After all Jemus the term witch doctor is not so recent. You always link things to colonialism and all other verbiage you have in mind when reacting to on-line stories. This is wrong brother,it is just so wrong to be thinking like that all the time. The term is not a tag meant to paint Africans per se. This has been part of Europe’s history.
We heard you say this…”Infact there is nothing like a witch doctor because one is either a doctor or a witch” Well done Yahya! I really like that way of saying it brother. You know why I am agreeing with you today? Because you have made it easy for me to analyze your thought much more than it used to be before you said these words. Alright! now the question is what makes one a witch and what makes one a doctor? Being a doctor (a real doctor) comes from extreme hard work,research and proves. This term if not honorary has not been all that easy to achieve particularly when it comes to physical science. Science like medicine does not recognize the  idea that “dreams can cure”. Physical science is based on facts not dreams or myth. This is why doctors are doctors and witches are witches. This is why when witches try to become doctors they still stay with their original title! This is why you are being called witch doctor! You are an expert of  witchcraft forcing yourself on people as a doctor when no school has ever seen you in a laboratory neither has any panel has ever reviewed your thesis or findings on any particular subject. Brother this is why you have no other title in the decent books of our time. This is also why you cannot trace any title that fits you even if you were to dig into the archives of world history. This is why if you do not want to attach the word witch to your doctorate degree of insanity then be advised that you will therefore stay in witchcraft. You are therefore not a doctor brother because you have not done what Cheikh Anta Diop did with carbon 14. He was denied the degree however he came up with thesis and convincing laboratory findings that earned him a clearcut doctorate degree. This is also why the English have the following term…”Jack of all trades master of none!” How many trades have you Jammeh? You are an expert on electricity when we have no lights anymore. You are an expert on communications,when GAMTEL has been forced to kneel down on its knees.You are expert on economics when you used “Jahatu and yapaa yahh” methods on us and our butchers at Albert and Serekunda market without success! Today you want us to believe that you are a doctor? Playing with our lives while some of us are in hospital beds? A hospital your own mother,wife and kid dread like dump site? Do you use your head for second sometimes? This is life and death. How can one say he or she is ready to shoot and kill .5 million Gambians to stay in power and then make us believe that he is so concerned about our patients? Why didn’t you cure the school boys who were shot by your PIU in 2000 April 11? That Mr President would have been a better shot than the brownish contents you are forcing into the gullets of our helpless patients at RVH.Today once again be advised that the term witch doctor is a little bit mild when one wants to show you the path. You are not even a witch doctor,you are a guru on witch craft.
How about reading the following lesson on the term itself?
  “…In the north of England, the superstition lingers to an almost inconceivable extent. Lancashire abounds with witch-doctors, a set of quacks, who pretend to cure diseases inflicted by the devil. The practices of these worthies may be judged of by the following case, reported in the “Hertford Reformer,” of the 23rd of June, 1838. The witch-doctor alluded to is better known by the name of the cunning man, and has a large practice in the counties of Lincoln and Nottingham. According to the writer in “The Reformer,” the dupe, whose name is not mentioned, had been for about two years afflicted with a painful abscess, and had been prescribed for without relief by more than one medical gentleman. He was urged by some of his friends, not only in his own village, but in neighbouring ones, to consult the witch-doctor, as they were convinced he was under some evil influence. He agreed, and sent his wife to the cunning man, who lived in New Saint Swithin’s, in Lincoln. She was informed by this ignorant impostor that her husband’s disorder was an infliction of the devil, occasioned by his next-door neighbours, who had made use of certain charms for that purpose. From the description he gave of the process, it appears to be the same as that employed by Dr. Fian and Gellie Duncan, to work woe upon King James. He stated that the neighbours, instigated by a witch, whom he pointed out, took some wax, and moulded it before the fire into the form of her husband, as near as they could represent him; they then pierced the image with pins on all sides — repeated the Lord’s Prayer backwards, and offered prayers to the devil that he would fix his stings into the person whom that figure represented, in like manner as they pierced it with pins. To counteract the effects of this diabolical process, the witch-doctor prescribed a certain medicine, and a charm to be worn next the body, on that part where the disease principally lay. The patient was to repeat the 109th and 119th Psalms every day, or the cure would not be effectual. The fee which he claimed for this advice was a guinea…… “
I like the title coming from Charles Mackay..hmmmm…read more. Read Jammeh! read! because you do not speak you only spit! I would recommend that you ask your Ambassador in UK to buy Charles Mackay’s book. Read it and think again. I bet you will laugh at yourself and then pack all your gourds,bottles,leaves,roots,horns and wet cotton that has been soaked into saliva coming your  mouth of endless incantations.
Be real Yahya stop this non chalance you have a lot more to do in life. You have a lot more to worry about. You are confusing yourself for no reason. Thursdays,Saturdays and Sundays. Do not mess with the days of those who really know. You will endanger your own life and the lives of those you are meeting. Stop the craziness and be real. Your thing is going way beyond reason and sense. You are already mad brother.
Posted on Monday, February 12, 2007 (Archive on Wednesday, February 28, 2007)
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