The Tea Party Movement
by Bruce Bexley

Subtitled Why it started, What It’s About and How you can get involved its a pretty basic book that is more pictures, quotes and sign ideas than anything else. That is the beauty of it actually. Think of it as a primer of the Tea Party movement.

Now there are bits that are rushed. One could argue that a list at the end of the various sites that list tea parties would be useful as the one most often mentioned was responsible for much confusion across the country. There is no mention of the organisation that grew out of the called Tea Party Patriots which is a shame. Then again the author thankfully failed to mention some of the various conflicts that happened both in the lead up to 15th of April and consequently since then. Any sort of grassroots is going to have this problem when they don’t employ “enforcers” to keep order and its nature if very bottom up.

It quite rightly stresses the non-partisan nature of most of the tea parties across the country. The overall gist of the movement is one for all Americans. Your party, religion, sex (uality) or race is irrelevant according to the spirit of the movement.

While not perfect, this is a good basic introduction to the phenomena that is the tea party movement. If you only rely on the MSM for your news on the series of events; this just might be the right thing to set you straight on the true nature of the movement.

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