Has it ever seemed like taxes are needlessly complicated? They have become so complex the IRS itself will not guarantee the accuracy of their assistance should you become desperate enough to call their toll free tax help number when filling out your taxes.
    Nor is there a great deal of help on the horizon. Once more politicians prove they are more interested in doing what is good for their chances for reelection than in actually doing their job. 
      Every year the new tax laws become more complicated, yet nothing is done to clear up overlapping taxes, delineating clearly what, why, and how you should pay, or any other confusing tax matters. Heaven have mercy on the poor college student working agriculture and earning interest for the IRS shall not…even if they can’t help said student figure out what deductions are legitimate and whether that interest is taxable or not.
      People have to guess which tax table they will have to pay on, whether or not they will have a minimum tax to pay, and if they have been industrious, saved their money, made wise investments and actually have something to leave their children, they certainly better carefully plan which year they die. Choose the wrong one and they will have a much higher tax to pay.
     It seems the politicians are missing a good bet. If they genuinely care about we the people maybe they should put aside their fear of “controversial” tax reform and take a cue from Angela Merckel; take the long term view, clean up the tax law and let the citizens understand what is expected of them and what their responsibilities are in regards to taxes.

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