After much anticipation, T-Mobile’s long awaited successor to the discontinued MDA, the Wing, has launched officially. Some new improvements include a rubberized body for more durability, a few button changes, and a few other tiny upgrades. But the big upgrade would be its use of Microsoft’s new mobile operating system, Windows Mobile 6 Professional, which includes many improvements over the old operating system.

One of the new features of Windows Mobile 6, which is a big plus for some users, is Outlook’s support for HTML email now. Before, an email was text only and if it was HTML-formatted, it would convert it to text. Now, users can have rich text and images inline with the email, making it more user friendly and also able to deceipher those e-mails from grandma using IncrediMail filled with emoticons of cats and dogs and all sorts of cute things.

There are initial reviews of the Wing from various sites with different scores. The Wing is now on sale for $300 with a new service agreement while the upgrade price ranges from $400-$350, depending on where you get it. In the mean time, Engadget has a hands-on photo gallary containing 19 high-res photos for your viewing pleasure.


CNET – 7/10

Laptop Magazine – 3.5/5

Mobile Tech Review – 3.75/5

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