ISBN 13: 978-1-4027-4107-4
        10: 1-4027-4107-3

176 pages $9.95 Soft cover

Sterling Publishing, New York

If you are a Motown fan, close your browser right now! The Supremes in the title refers to the Supreme Court. There have been many books written about the Supreme Court; however most of them are written in a language that us poor mortals can not understand. The legal world speaks a language that the average person has little clue about.

Mr. Trachtman a founding partner of a successful law firm has changed that. The Supremes Greatest Hits is written in a style that we can all enjoy. A quote from the back cover (very likely from his wife) says

He has spent thousands of hours learning how not to write like a lawyer

I think that sums up Mr. Trachtman’s style very well. The Supremes Greatest Hits is actually a series of vignettes that explain in plain English how 34 Supreme Court rulings have affected our everyday lives. The usual suspects such as Roe v Wade are there, but there are also explanations of many other rulings that most people have never heard of. These are cases that do affect your day to day life, but I can guarantee that you do not know the reason why.

One of the fascinating aspects that that Mr. Trachtman explores is the fallibility of the Supreme Court, yes sometimes they make mistakes. Sometimes they make rulings that are contrary to popular opinion, and I must admit in my opinion contrary to common sense. 

If I was a high school teacher this is the type of book that I would love to form a class around. If everyone understood more about the workings of this powerful group, maybe some of the decisions made by the Supreme Court would be easier to understand and put into the context of today’s world.

The Supremes Greatest Hits is delightfully written, it is a book that you can pick up and read a few pages and put down again and you will have learned something that you did not know before. I even found my wife (who thinks a two paragraph e-mail is too long) reading the occasional chapter.

I am an obsessive reader, I picked the book up and could not put it down, just one more chapter, it is only 5 more pages……

If you have a ‘legal eagle’ in your family, or you just want to become a little better informed about the fabric that holds the US together, this is a book that you should read.

The Supremes Greatest Hits can be found in fine bookstores, or online at Amazon.

I have asked Mr. Trachtman for an interview and hopefully I will be publishing that soon.

Simon Barrett


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