Almost everyone has strong feelings about the Casey Anthony story. An overwhelming majority feel that she was guilty and somehow the justice system became derailed in much the same way that happened in the OJ Simpson trial.

I viewed the verdict with mixed emotions. I feel that she is guilty and it saddens me that she will walk out of jail.

Another part of me was pleased that at least an end had been reached. For 30 long months Jan and I have ran a weekly radio program following this and other cases. Listeners hear only the 90 minutes on air, not the countless hours on the phone and internet researching.

I was ready to hang up my mic and reclaim Sunday! Maybe try something new like watching some bizarre sport called Football.

Of course that was not to be. The strange men in space suits and motorcycle helmets chasing a ball that is not round and rarely does it touch anyone’s foot will have to wait.

I have talked to the illustrious panel and we have decided to continue our Sunday program and just shift the focus.

Our new program is The Sunday Afternoon Murder Club. Each week we will be looking at cases both old and new.

The statistics of murder in America are depressing. For every murder that makes it to the national TV there are thousands that do not.

Yes, we will have a quick update on the Casey Anthony story, and without doubt the most interesting development following the not guilty verdict has to be the enormous gaff made by defense lawyer and Casey Anthony official baby sitter Sims. Jan has a great article on the subject that you can read here.

Many people have likened the Casey Anthony trial to that of OJ Simpson. I think it is fitting that for the first Sunday Afternoon Murder Club that we revisit that trial. I am hoping that we will be joined by a special guest, a man that possibly knows the life and finances of OJ better than anyone on the planet! I will make a separate announcement once the details are hammered down.

I suspect that this will be an interesting segment, as the panel all has some personal involvement in the OJ Saga.

My claim to fame is probably the most bizarre. I have a huge loose leaf folder of OJ’s trash, phone records, fan mail, and a baggy that purports to contain a sample of OJ’s pubic hair!

Like OJ, Casey Anthony may have been found not guilty, but her problems are far from over. Let the civil suits begin. Of course winning judgment and and obtaining settlement are two very different beasts.

This week we will also be exploring a case that Jan has been following closely, Zahra Baker. It has not received the media attention that it should. A young girl survives cancer, and loses a leg in the process. She is a fighter, she is a winner. This little girl has much to live for, and likely had more ‘real world’ experience than most adults. However, just like a fairy tale there is a wicked step mother. Cancer could not kill Zahra, but maybe the step mother could. The latest update from Jan is here and here.

Earlier this week I was talking to Mannie Barling who informed me of a very ugly trial that is unfolding in the Los Angeles area. Larry King was a young 15 year old gay boy who lost his life because of his sexuality. The case has had little national press, yet it is a very important one. Potentially it may have some far reaching legal implications.

Sometimes Jan and I feel awash in an ocean of bad news. There are so many cases of murder that go unsolved that it is mind boggling.

I am sure that many people reading this article know of at least one ugly murder that seems to have escaped the notice of the media. The Sunday Afternoon Murder Club cannot talk about each and every one of them. But we will try to get to as many as we can.

The panel consists of:

Simon and Jan Barrett – we are writers and passionate about truth and justice.

Mannie Barling – A well known Attorney in the LA area, and also a health and nutrition author. His web site is here. Mannie is a sharp guy and will keep us ‘in line’ when it comes to legal matters.

Denny Griffin – A True Crime author with a specialty of books about The Mob. More recently he has started the Crimewire project, his team explore Cold Cases and find Hot Facts. Denny also holds a rather strange record.

His autobiography of Vegas based mobster Frank Cullota actually was the key to solving an almost 3 decades old double homicide outside of Chicago. Denny did what the cops could not!

Dave Knechel – Orlando based journalist. Dave is best known for his coverage of the Casey Anthony trial, but he is going to home in his analytical skills on these new cases. Dave’s website can be seen here.

William Cobra Staubs – A Ft Lauderdale based Bail Bondsman who always has an opinion! Controversy is his second name, and he is damn good at it!

Please join us on Sunday, to listen live and join in the action, please use this link.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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