The team met, and the team talked! The team is Simon and Jan Barrett, Legal Eagle Mannie Barling, Crime Writer Denny Griffin, Journalist Dave Knechel, and Bail Bondsman William Cobra Staubs.

We started off the discussion taking a peek at the developments in the Casey Anthony saga. One thing is very clear, her future is very unclear. A Not Guilty verdict has done little to improve her social standing. If she has nothing to fear, then why not take the lie detector test? Why should she not wish to clear her name? In the process, she could make a great deal of money. So much money that not only could she pay the IRS off, but have some left over for some new clothes, and pay the tuition to obtain a ‘shot girl’ certification.

The ‘civil suits’ are now stacking up. She can run and hide for a short time, but that clock is ticking. It is unlikely that a $million deal was offered to her, but lets pretend it was. Each day that she does not say anything, is a day where the news value drops. In three months she will be lucky to get an organization to spring for a Big Mac, Fries, and a Coke.

The suits filed so far are the simple ones. There are others waiting in the wings that could be much more damaging.

On the West Coast we have another strange case. The shooting of Lawence King. A 14 year old sexualay and probably mentaly disturbed young man. Lawence King was killed execution style in his classroom by a fellow classmate. Loads of witnesses, it should be a slam dunk? Well it is not. Lawrence King opens many doors that some would prefer closed.

Time was not on our side, it is amazing how fast 90 minutes pass. I do want to point you at some stories that we did not have time to talk about:

Skyler Kaufmann

Mariha Trenice Smith

Becky Herrera

The problem of children being abused and killed is not limited to those few cases that get covered on the TV, they are everywhere!

If you missed the live broadcast of the Sunday Afternoon Murder Club, you can catch the recording here.

Simon Barrett

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