judy021.jpgPatrick Rust died in 2007, in todays world of ‘need it now’ four years is a very long time! 24 year old Patrick Rust did not get the attention of the Nancy Graces of the world, he was merely a statistic. Not cute like Haleigh Cummings or Caylee Anthony, his story has for the most part been forgotten.

On our last Sunday Afternoon Murder Club, the team took a look at the case. Denny Griffin brought along one of his Investigators, Bill Sullivan.

I have to admit that I was playing an unfair field. I had been made privy to some data and theories that were not part of reported case. It took less time than you can say ‘dead body’ for the panel to start asking the truly awkward questions. They had not been prepped, they had not had access to any information that was not in the Public Domain.

The infamous William Cobra Staubs was on it like gravy on rice. You may not like Cobra’s rather blunt language, but he has a mind that never stops working. The concepts of the case that I wanted to leave at the end of the program were laid bare in the first 10 minutes!

Mannie Barling is another panelist that has an amazing ability to analyze information. His memory for detail is remarkable.

Listening to Cobra and Mannie on Sunday reminded me of of the John LeCarre book Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. They tag teamed the role of George Smiley!

The Patrick Rust story is a complex one, or rather, a confusing one. There are elements that just do not add up, they defy logic.

A quick but hardly comprehensive narrative of the events can be found on www.patrickrust.com.

It is our plan to publish some articles on the case that explore some of these discrepancies, we hope that someone listening or reading about this case will contact us with some parts of the missing puzzle pieces. Information can be sent via the www.patrickrust.com web site, or direct to Denny Griffin griff1945@hotmail.com, or to me at zzsimonb@gmail.com.

The second part of the program concerned the ongoing saga of Casey Anthony. Recent events have once more put her in the Spotlight. The on again, off again, probation issue has reached boiling point. Clearly Judge Perry has had quite enough of the defense team’s antics, and that might bode ill for Jose Baez’s future legal career if he chooses to push this subject any farther.

It was an interesting program and my thanks to the panel, Dave Knechel, William Cobra Staubs, Mannie Barling, and Denny Griffin. I also want to say a huge thank you to Bill Sullivan for offering his knowledge on the Patrick Rust case.

If you missed the live broadcast, you can catch the recorded version here.

Simon and Jan Barrett

For those of you that are interested please remember little Haleigh Cummings tomorrow. A balloon release is scheduled in Palatka.

For more details you can go to my article here.

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