Last week the team of Simon and Jan Barrett, Mannie Barling, Dave Knechel, Denny Griffin and William Cobra Staubs took a look at the 1989 cold case, the senseless slaying of then 18 year old Kaitlyn Arquette in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  We were joined on the program by Investigator Patricia (Pat) Caristo.

It was an interesting program, and if you missed it, you can find some information here, and a link to the recording from last week.

This week the team will once again be exploring this baffling case. I use the word ‘baffling’ in the sense that I am baffled why it was not solved by the police in 1989 and instead has just been gathering dust in dark corner of a long forgotten storage room of the Albuquerque Police Department (APD).

Following last weeks program I, and I am sure that I speak for the rest of the panel, were left asking ourselves many questions. One of paramount interest concerns the direction that the APD took in their investigation. In someways it seems that if the facts didn’t fit the theory they were ignored. Facts became merely inconvenient details to be swept under the rug.

To me it looks almost as if the death of Kaitlyn Arquette was a priority investigation, and the priority was to make the story go away rather than to solve it. This begs the question of why?

That question Why, is one that Kait’s parents Lois and Don Arquette have been asking for over two decades.

Lois Arquette is better known by her pen name Lois Duncan, she is a very well known author in the YA (Young Adult) fiction genre. She used her writing skills to publish the 1992 bestseller Who Killed My Daughter which chronicles the case through the eyes of the family. The name Kaitlyn Arquette was suddenly everywhere. Every news talk TV program in the land interviewed Lois Duncan. Even Larry King of CNN fame dedicated a program to the case, (I will leave it up to Lois to talk about that episode!).

But even with this avalanche of national publicity the APD still continued on with their journey into the land of fantasy.

This week on the Sunday Afternoon Murder Club we will be joined by Lois Duncan and her husband Don Arquette. One thing is crystal clear, even though the execution style killing of Kaitlyn Arquette happened 22 years ago, there are still many, many unanswered questions. In fact in someways there are more questions today than there were then.

I am not a conspiracy theorist, I don’t believe that Area 51 has alien spacecraft, or that the world is going to end on December 21st, 2012. But I know the smell of BS, and this case has that nasty odor of what a friend of mine refers to as the Alphabet People, those three letter government agencies that abound in Washington. Was Kaitlyn Arquette in the wrong place at the wrong time? Is it possible that solving the crime might have compromised a more significant investigation?

Vietnamese gangs? Insurance fraud? Or maybe Drugs?

To listen in live to what I am sure is going to be a very interesting discussion join us at 4pm Eastern by using this link.

We will also be covering the latest in the Yawn Of The Century trial, Casey Anthony. It seems apparent that just about everyone except the janitor who cleaned the courtroom is lining up for book deals! But who will read them? Who cares?

Equally, who gives a damn about George and Cindy Anthony on the Dr. Phil Show? Word on the street is that George and Cindy are going to play the Grand Mal Seizure story. Great! But why didn’t they play this card at the time of the death of Caylee Anthony? Why didn’t Baez play the card rather than let his client spend three years in jail awaiting trial? Lets face it, had someone stepped up to the plate, the Tax Payers could have saved a whole lot of money. The cynic in me wants to call the Casey Anthony case a fine example of the current administrations Job Creation program!

Simon Barrett

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