The illustrious members of the Sunday Afternoon Murder Club, Simon and Jan Barrett, Mannie Barling, Denny Griffin, Dave Knechel and William Cobra Staubs will be holding ‘court’ on the recent developments in a number of crime cases.

We have an update on the Casey Anthony saga. Sideshows are popping up all over the place, and just like Casey Anthony herself, it is difficult to figure out fact from fiction. I have to admit that I am surprised at how quiet ‘official comments’ have been following her release. I had assumed that the defense team (AKA Media Whore Incorporated) would have been far more vocal than they have been.

It is also my understanding that George and Cindy Anthony are taking a vacation.

While the ex Jerry Springer producer may be talking a load of hot air about having snagged a $million interview, he does have one nugget of truth. The Casey Anthony story has a very short shelf life. The value of the story drops each day. Two months from now she will be lucky to get enough money to buy a new Sunfire

This is the classic example of Andy Warhol and his 15 minutes of fame theoey.

Mentioned on last weeks program is the trial that is currently taking place in Los Angeles. A 14 year old gay boy Lawrence King was killed by a classmate. At first glance it seems simple, Neo Nazi kills Gay Boy. A classroom of witnesses, this is a slam dunk case, right?

Maybe not so. There is no doubt who the killer was. However from a legal standpoint this case is one that may well set some precedents. I am looking forward to Mannie Barling to give his opinions from the legal side.

If I had a time machine this is one case that I would love to discuss with William Garrow.

We also have a number of other cases that we plan on talking about.

I do hope that you will join us this afternoon at 4pm Eastern, the link to listen in live is here.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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