Once again we will be on the air at 4pm Aug/7. The team of Simon and Jan Barrett, Mannie Barling, Dave Knechel and William Cobra Staubs, Denny Griffin cannot be with us due to Illness. Denny I hope that the post birthday hangover is not too bad ๐Ÿ™‚

Although we do not plan on devoting the entire program to the ongoing Casey Anthony saga, we will be discussing the latest developments.

Last Friday the case was once again in Judge Perry’s courtroom. In question is the status of Casey Anthony and her probation.

Unfortunately this issue is far from clear cut. The average person applying common sense will come to the logical conclusion that Casey Anthony should indeed have to perform her 12 months of probation. She should be forced to return to Orlando, find a job, and report in regularly.

The major issue however is not Judge Strickland’s intention in his sentencing of Casey Anthony on the Check Fraud charges, but what in legal terms is called a Scribners error. There were two words ‘upon release’ that were omitted from the original document.

That omission has created a scenario that is a legal minefield. The Probation people realized that the Check Fraud was not part of her other more pressing murder case. To complicate matters even more, Judge Strickland had sentenced Casey Anthony to ‘Time Served’. Yes she was still in Jail, but not serving a sentence, she was in a sort of limbo status ‘Awaiting Trial’.

Using Judge Strickland’s written word, an assumption was made that probation should begin while Casey Anthony was still behind bars. It was an incorrect assumption, but it happened, and no-one caught it at the time.

When the problem was brought to Judge Strickland’s attention, he of course amended the document. However, it was after the termination of the probation.

In the grand scheme of things, it is a nit. However from a legal standpoint it is a potential minefield. It enters into the realm of double jepeordy. The Casey Anthony defense team are shouting from the roof tops about the subject, even though they willing admit that it was a error in transcription.

This is a situation where justice may have been thawted by a technicality. Comon sense says one thing, but the laws of the land say something different.

I will be interested in hearing the opinion of the panel on this subject.

Please join us this afternoon, you can listen live using this link.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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