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The question that I ask myself is what will Casey Anthony do now? She has no skills, and so getting a real job in this grim economic climate seems at best a fantasy.

Obviously she will need to cash in on her status. But this is also a tricky minefield to negotiate. The two words Fame and Infamy have very different meanings. In the eyes of big media her window of opportunity is a short one. In a few weeks the window will start to close, her story becomes worth less and less.

That 7 figure number drops to a 5 figure number, and then to almost zero.

For Casey Anthony to command a 7 figure number, she will have to come up with ‘the goods’. Mannie Barling pointed out that the way these things work is a two stage process. A pre-interview where the material is evaluated by the buyer, only if it passes scrutiny does it then move into a real interview.

If she is merely going to regurgitate the drowning story, no one will touch it. Equally awkward is the sexual abuse angle. One misstep and the buyer is on the wrong side of a law suit. Big Media is not stupid, they weigh the pros and cons of big ticket items.

If the potential losses are greater than the potential gains they walk away. A tell all one hour interview sounds good, but where would the advertising dollars come from? How many serious players would buy the advertising slots?

Casey Anthony has become the new ‘octo mom’, a circus sideshow that increasingly people are going to resist spending the 25 cents to see.

There are also wheels within wheels.

Who would like to make a guess about this curious artifact? Where does it lead? I know bits of the story, but cannot quite put this puzzle together.

Yes it is ‘ground zero’, and yes, I can see some ‘spokes on the wheel’, But what direction might the wheel head in? And why?

This one simple picture gives me pause for thought. I smell law suits in the offing. I smell big problems for someone if these three are as friendly as this picture would make out. I also smell some cross pollination with another case.

The perfect line has to be from Apocalypse Now “I love the smell of Napalm in the morning”.

The picture alone reminds me of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Act one, scene one, the three witches on the blasted heath.

When shall we three meet again.
In thunder lightning or in rain?

Stay tuned, this is a story just getting started.

More in part 3.

Simon barrett

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