I rather like the classic remark made by Groucho Marx “I would not join a club that would have me”. I share his sentiment. However the Sunday Afternoon Murder Club is a little different. It is a group of friends that wish to explore the world of Murder.

We are opinionated, brutal, but seek one common goal, justice. A guest on this program needs balls of steel.

This week the club discussed the Casey Anthony case, the very disturbing story behind the death of 10 year old Zahra Baker, and the execution of a young gay man with mental issues Lawrence King.

Three very different cases, yet they have a common theme. A young life lost, a young life gone, a young life taken away.

The press has had wall to wall coverage over the Casey Anthony trial. 25 year old Casey walked out of jail at 12:10 am on Sunday morning. To most people this represented a huge miscarriage of justice. But Justice is what we have, It is not about right from wrong, it is about proving the wrong. In this case the jury determined that the proof was lacking.

Personally I disagree, but the justice system is what it is. It is imperfect, but it is the best one I have found world wide.

Casey may be free, but there are other civil law suits that she must face.

The obvious one is the defamation suit brought by Zenaida Gonsalvez. It looks good at the first glance, but reality says that this is a non starter. At no point did Casey Anthony point the finger and say “yes thats Zanny the Nanny”. On a scale of 1 to 10, this one is a minus 8,000,000.

It is assumed that the ‘win’ in this case would be to get Casey Anthony into a deposition. If nothing else, you could have bragging rights about the awkward questions you could pose to Casey Anthony.

Well hold your breath. That depo will not happen for months, if ever.

Even worse, The chances of Zenaida winning are somewhere between Zero and Zero. If it does wend its way into a court room I would bet a dollar that the judge will award costs to Casey.

Tim Miller and his Texas Equusearch group have also filed a suit. This suit is also destined for the junk yard. It is not fair, but he has no grounds. Casey Anthony did not invite him, nor did she sign a contract with Tim Miller.

In some ways it is akin to waking up one morning and discovering your lawn mowed and someone wanting money. You did not ask for the service, so should you pay?

From a decency and moral perspective Tim Miller’s case is a popular one. Indeed, Texas Equusearch did spend thousands of dollars searching for Caylee Anthony, when, if we are to believe Jose Baez, Casey et al knew the child was already dead.

On a scale of 1 to 10 for popularity this suit is a 10.

On a scale of 1 to 10 on being successful it is a zero. No contract was entered into by Casey Anthony. If Tim Should be suing anyone it should be Cindy Anthony. It was Cindy that extended the invitation to help locate Caylee.

One might consider this law suit as a pure PR move. Do not get me wrong, I like the concept behind Texas Equusearch and I certainly have great respect for the many volunteers that share both their time and expertise in helping locate missing children. This law suit is unlikely to go anywhere, but it does provide some great PR for Texas Equusearch.

Of course a big wrench has been thrown into the spokes of both of these suits with Casey Anthony appealing the four misdemeanor verdicts. This will stall everything else while it wends its weary way through the court system. It will become a war of attrition.

Although I have not read it, it would seem that the first of likely many ‘collateral damage’ civil suits are on their way. Meter reader Roy Kronk supposedly has filed suit against California Bounty Hunter Leonard Padilla, Other than salacious fun to be had in the discovery phase, this is yet another suit that will wither on the vine.

At first glance the potential suit by the State against Casey Anthony to recoup the cost of the investigation and trial seems like a shoe in. However, it is most likely just ‘bluster’. Any semi competent Law Student could drive a Mack Truck through it and hang it up in the court system for years. The pure economics of bringing this case make it a non starter.

There are some other suits that are being talked about, one has great merit, but does the reward exceed the personal pain in obtaining it?

It is a depressing situation, it does indeed look as if this young lady has got away with murder.

If you missed the live broadcast, you can listen to the recording here.

More in part two.

Simon barrett

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