The Casey Anthony saga continues unabated. The issue at the moment is her current probation status. One would think that having dodged the death sentence Casey Anthony and her defense team would gently disappear into the woodwork. One year of probation hardly seems an issue worth bothering with.

But of course this is no regular case, this is Casey Anthony! Nothing even remotely connected to this young woman is simple.

This week the defense team (sans Jose Baez) filed an appeal on the probation issue.

Also news is out that Casey’s parents George and Cindy Anthony will be appearing on the Dr. (well I’m not a real doctor) Phil Show. CBS have gone to great lengths to explain that this is not a ‘paid’ interview, instead they will be making a charitable donation. Oh, and that would be the Caylee Anthony Foundation……

I won’t even get into who is involved with this non profit! Still, at least it is not going to Kidfinders….

I am also hoping that Denny Griffin may have an update on the Patrick Rust case that we featured last week.

Jan has been following some other cases, and I am hoping that she will be able to give us a quick synopsis.

There is also a cold case that we might explore. More on that later!

I do hope that you can join Simon and Jan Barrett, author and crime doctor Denny Griffin, journalist Dave Knechel, and our resident roustabout bail bondsman William Cobra Staubs for what should be a pretty interesting program. Mannie Barling can not be with us this week due to another engagement. But he will be with us next week.

To listen in to the program, please use this link.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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